4 Americans killed by pirates

It appears those yachtsman on the S/V Quest were killed yesterday.

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wow…that’s awful

[QUOTE=masshole16;47192]wow…that’s awful[/QUOTE]

[B][U]IMHO[/U][/B]…what is ludicrous is that most of the pirates survived…someone’s trigger finger must have failed to “involuntarily spasm”!!

[QUOTE=seadawg;47195][B][U]IMHO[/U][/B]…what is ludicrous is that most of the pirates survived…someone’s trigger finger must have failed to “involuntarily spasm”!![/QUOTE]

Yea now we can convict them to 34 years in jail…just what they wanted - 3 squares a day and an actual bed to sleep on.

The Quest sailors were likely killed for the simple reason they were Americans and it was to even the score for the Maersk Alabama pirates killed and captured. All this while being tailed by a American warship constrained by rules of engagement. US and Coalition Naval forces need to start taking offensive and unrestricted action against all suspected pirate vessels. It can’t be that hard to determine what is a legit fishing vessel and a mothership. From what I read, crewmembers taken as hostage are in the hundreds being held for months and possibly years in squalid conditions and there are dozens of captured ships including modern tanker sitting in Somali ports. IMHO, there is no dealing with these people who come from a law-less country and they will continue to capture or attack vessels until they become the hunted vs. hunter as past maritime history has proven.

Maybe the Somali government should start arresting and prosecuting these idiots? Oh right…

We get ourselves in trouble when dealing with people like this when we try to play by our rules. Now that they’ve killed American citizens, it’s time to scrap all that and play by their rules. And we can’t pussyfoot around about it; we’ve got to hit them hard and hit them fast. Make it clear to these chumps that, if they wish to engage in piracy, there WILL be hard consequences. And we can’t worry about the “political fallout”–IMO, we end up looking like chumps when we puss out in these situations.

There is no government in Somalia.

Hence the “Oh right…”

[QUOTE=seadawg;47195][B][U]IMHO[/U][/B]…what is ludicrous is that most of the pirates survived…someone’s trigger finger must have failed to “involuntarily spasm”!![/QUOTE]

No “involuntary spasms” should have been needed. They should have lined them up along the rail and one by one gone down the line and shot them in the head then thrown them overboard to the sharks. All caught on video tape of course and sent to the pirates land bases and every major news outlet.

I realize that I am overlooking some of the finer details, but they are hijacking deepwater vessels and bring them back to their bases of operation. They don’t have that many deepwater ports. Why can’t we blockade those ports rather than trying to patrol waters the size of the United States? Any vessel departing is stopped and inspected. If any weapons that would be of use in a hijacking are found the entire crew is executed and the vessel seized.

Besides, they have “investors” now. This has become a bloody business to people, shouldn’t be allowed to be a thought.

As I wrote a few days ago before this debacle played out …" It would have been far better for the US if that naval vessel had just sailed the opposite direction when they heard the call for help."

It’s probably safer for seafarers, and certainly cheaper for the taxpayer, to just go back a couple hundred years and pay tribute to these modern Barbary pirates than to keep a fleet standing by to do nothing.

The sad fact is NO one in the world community is afraid or intimidated by the US anymore. Our administration is more interested in getting kudos for declaring they wont defend laws against gay marriage while there is literally no response after 4 US civilians on a yacht carrying bibles are killed by pirates. Crazy…

I have to agree it’s pretty sad that the Navy had to follow the sailboat around and couldn’t do anything about it. I know the numbers weren’t good - 15+ pirates to 4 civilians - I don’t care how good a shot the SEALs are (if they were even there), they weren’t going to take out the pirates without the hostages being injured in some way.

That being said, the Quest definitely should not have been in those waters.

Can we nuke Somalia?