German Navy foils pirate attack



They let them go? Who has jurisdiction over piracy?IMO?


I don’t understand why they just don’t kill them and let the bodies wash ashore. Might make the next group think twice before putting to sea.


I can’t believe you would let them die Capt_A. I think the Dutch had it right with the keelhauling in the 1600’s, and they even did that to their own people.


I don’t think anyone survived a proper keelhauling, did they?


That’s the beauty of it. You can go fast and just cause broken bones, scrapes, and cuts. They will survive again and again hopefully.


Ahh, I see your point… Using today’s high tech render/recover winch technology, we could give them a wild ride. I like it!


Modern anti-fouling paints might take some of the edge off of it though.


I would think the desired goal was achieved with a good build up of crustacea and marine growth…Kinda like salt in the wound…

If the various governments take this, " don’t ask , don’t tell " style policy , unless it effects them directly .The pirates get a free pass…This effects everyone in the long run…These companies are going to be making this money back on the future business…