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Does anyone have any real world experience with Sims Pumps? Made from a composite material. I’ve read their website so no need to quote that material. Anyone actually have one in their plant in seawater service. I see a lot of reference to USN in their information. Maybe they are really good but only the Navy can afford them?

Anyway looking at a pump replacement project and wanted to see if this might be for real.

I have used their composite impellers in salt water service, fire, and evaporator brine pumps and found them to last far, far, longer than the impellers than the pumps originally had. I would use them again in a heart beat.

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1/5 the wear of bronze and much lighter so your bearings will last longer too. Highly recommended but more expensive than metal so you’ll need to sell it to the office.

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I can tell you this, they (https://www.simsite.com) have amazing customer service. Small company that truly appreciates every customer. We had problems with repeat failures on one of them pumps (I was new aboard). Called up company and they wanted all the info, were sending new parts free, and were planning on flying somebody out to the ship to inspect the failure and maybe do a modification to the design.

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yup, these small cutting edge companies instill confidence … till they get bought out by the big boys!