Puerto Ricans should sue the US Government and Maritime Industries

I have been the only Puerto Rican officer at every place I have worked and I am tired of dealing with bigots by myself.

Puerto Ricans should sue the US Government and maritime industries for these reasons:

Puerto Rico being the only US territory to be subject to the Jones Act. Additionally, where the official dominant language of the ruling government and policies is different than the official dominant language of Puerto Rico

Lack of a 4 year maritime academy in Puerto Rico whereas the local people are forced to be a part of the Jones Act economy

Lack of Puerto Ricans accepted to United States Merchant Marine Academy for the same reasons mentioned above

Lack of English to Spanish Translations at USCG NMC testing centers for Merchant Marine Officer Licenses -The officer level license test questions should be available in both English and Spanish

Lack of Puerto Ricans employed as officers on US ships in Jones Act transport

Discrimination of Puerto Ricans on Jones Act vessels involved in Puerto Rico Jones Act transport.

Lack of Puerto Rican officers on Navy contracted vessels

Lack of Puerto Rican officers on MARAD contracted vessels.

Lack of Puerto Rican’s employed by MARAD or attending the MARAD school.

Did I miss anything?

I don’t have a lawyer yet but when anyone contacts me about this we can find one.

My e-mail address is Cajaya-officer@protonmail.com

I wonder if the population ratio of PR to USA being 0.009411 might be a factor?


Go away.


That has nothing to do with anything, 100% of Puerto Rico is subject to Jones Act trade. Unlike Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and the US Virgin Islands.

Furthermore there are groups which are over represented, black make up 13.6% of the US population and 17.3% of merchant mariners.

Your argument makes no sense at all!

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Speak for yourself.

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When was the last time you sailed with a Puerto Rican unlimited officer

No it’s not. That would mean zero foreign flag ships call on San Juan. I can assure you that they do.

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If that’s the kind of reasoning you bring to your job, I’m not surprised people are avoiding you.


I didn’t say every ship is Jones Act I said 100% of the island and people are subject to the law which makes goods VERY expensive. People in the continental US have more freedom of where they can get goods from and the NE alone has Maine Maritime Academy, Mass Maritime Academy, New York Maritime Academy, USMMA while Puerto Rico has No Academy!!’

I’m sure you are super popular and liked in your circles * rolls eyes *

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I’m joining the chorus: please just go away.

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No it’s expensive bc it’s an island.
But I think the US should apply the Jones act to other territories too. The president can by delectation make the US Virgin Islands subject to the Jones Act which I think he should.
In terms of Spanish translations everyone in the world has to be able to read and speak English to get a license so I’m not sure this is a valid point.

The lack of Puerto Ricans being on US ships and government vessel is irrelevant. PR is a United States territory supported and economically upheld by the US tax payer. If PR was independent it would be in a lot worse shape than it is. The US doesn’t owe anything to PR if you don’t like the US then revolt for independence. But don’t beg for more handouts


The private companies and King Point cadets are the ones getting the handouts!!

How very predatory of you!

You didn’t read what I wrote. By law Puerto Rico is forced to be under the Jones act, where the dominant language is a different language than what is spoken in Puerto Rico. If they are going to treat Puerto Rico like a state then there should not be unfair language barriers in place to higher positions than entry and mid level on ships and otherwise. Advanced English in not required for the type of verbal interactions that happen on a ship but the questions in the coast guard exam are quite complicated and a lot of them trick questions that only a native speaker of English would know. It is not fair way to evaluate a persons knowledge of a subject like engineering for example!

I wonder what could be created and done if people were not subject to systematic discrimination over and over again and if there were any kind of even playing ground, like let’s say having access to government info and test questions under one’s own language!

And BTW FYI encase you didn’t know, typically the only Puerto Ricans that live in PR their whole life and speak English fluently are the ones from very rich families so that’s still discrimination!

If they are going to treat Puerto Rico like a state and make them be subject to the Jones act then they need to adopt the language of that peoples state and allow it to be used for USCG matters that apply to them.

Every hitch. He’s the chief mate.


Except OUPVs in Puerto Rico. See 46 CFR 11.467(h).

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My friend and classmate is Puerto Rican, he’s a sailing Chief Mate-AGT, Oceans.

We had several Puerto Rican and Panamanian cadets in my graduating class.

Anecdotal, but you did ask.


Yea but he probably went to Kings Point so she doesn’t want to hear about him.

What school is that?

One Puerto Rican officer that someone knows that’s sailing. Impressive.