Trump wants to REPEAL Jones Act for Puerto Rico permanently!

So he went from being “pro-Jones Act” to now being ready to torpedo it? This is the man who many in the USMM voted for. Thoughts and comments welcome on this.

“The Trump White House is studying the feasibility of a permanent Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico, according to multiple sources.”

I warned you but did anyone listen? of course not and now you get the leader you all deserve

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You get him too…=)

I GOT stuck with him but since I did not vote for the CLOWN PRETENDER he is in no way my responsibility and I have a clear conscience should this destruction come to pass.




  1. Is there anyway for Mr. Trump to actually do this?
  2. Would it require an act of Congress?
  3. Is there any possibility the current Congress would actually pass this?
  4. Could Mr. Trump keep issuing temporary waivers instead which erode/destroy the Jones Act protections for the US shipping companies in place if he can’t get a permanent waiver passed?
  5. Is this just another McCain sponsored go no-where sort of thing for PR purposes or is there a real possibility of this happening (similar to Q 3)?

It will never happen. No way that would get through Congress. Unlikely that Trump would actually try.

This is called ‘Salami tactic’. One slice at a time. Better get used to it…

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Donald J Trump is your president you shall salute him.

Every country gets the leader they deserve. Better get used to it.

Cabotage laws will never go away. Even the most ignorant voter won’t put up with chinese barges moving stuff in our brown waters, nor will they accept china air doing a flight from detroit to atlanta.

More so than most politicians, Trump floats a lot of trial balloons —- especially in tweets and off the cuff comments. Easiest way to placate some constituency is to “study” the issue.


Be carful with that if the consumer population of the US thought they could get their Walmart crap cheaper cabotage laws will go away quickly

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Doubt this will happen. On the bright side, there’s a good chance of many nore drilling jobs.

Protectionism is almost always anticompetitive and anticonsummerist. The only thing that stands out regarding application of the Jones Act is that in this case, the Merchant Mariner as the supposedly protected entity is still bearing the brunt of malconceived maritime policy.

I’m becoming so disillusioned with our current administration. It’s really strange and for that matter, embarrassing to see what is happening; it’s hard to believe he, our Commander in Chief is going in this direction.

I am also involved in the trucking industry as an owner/operator (since I’ve been laid off from the offshore oil drilling industry) and I am seeing a similar “turning of his back” on those who dutifully and vociferously supported him.

First, the administrations that have done harm to the US Merchant Marine actually date all the way back to the 19th century and involve multiple political parties. Second, I have no sympathy for those who dutifully and vociferously supported him. But I do sympathize with your predicament.

Well the choice was him or Hillary. Based on her recent remarks in India, particularly:

“I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product,” Clinton said. “So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards.”

Speaks volumes of what she thinks of those in the other third of the gross domestic product. Trump was a wild card but I know the screwing we were gonna take if she got elected.

I certainly would be happy to get the KP Fanfare "Trump"et Suicide Squadron to blow ruffles and flourishes for him


I disagree. And walmart sells quite a bit of things made right here in the USA. Much more than the yuppies favored Target.

POTUS has already sharted on you many of times.