Bar Associations attack Jones Act

Renewed attacks on Jones Act.

and what gives the NY State and City Bar Associations the least bit of standing in the matter?

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Here’s another one: A Primer on the Jones Act and American Shipping

Thus, the Jones Act made it illegal for any ships that were not “U.S.-owned, U.S.-crewed, U.S.-registered, and U.S.-built” to deliver goods to Puerto Rico after it was pounded by Hurricane Maria.

Political aspirations of those mentioned in the article and a huge Puertorican constituency in the New York metro area.

F’ing fear mongering moron writing from a platform of ignorance. But, until and unless MARAD and our own government leadership (if only that were not an oxymoron) would instantly jump in and counter this type of garbage but they won’t and don’t. This is why we no longer have a viable deep sea fleet and are likely to see the end of the USMM and the Jones Act - ignorance and inaction fueled by a corrupt system of campaign funding.


If Puerto Rico goes, why not Hawaii and Alaska?

At that point would we even have a Merchant Marine???

Wow- that’s a whopper of a lie right there. This scumbag has no comments section in his sewer of a blog. I say we invite him here and challenge him to defend his position.

Come on, Wee Timothy Taylor. Reg a handle and come on in.