Pseudo Journalism

Continuing the discussion from Very sad breaking news out of Baltimore……yet another allision. M.V. “Dali”:

This is just sad.

A guy who works for a battery company says batteries and UPS’s would have prevented not only this accident but the Viking Sky.

What say we agree to use the technique of a certain nameless contributor that has fine tuned the fire hose application of corporate shill “articles” to the forums by creating an inane new thread like “battery tech” or “first/best/only tech that works” and post these press releases, uh I mean “articles” there. Then for people who want to avoid that sort of content they know to keep out. But here you went and tricked me into clicking on that Corvus Energy, uh I mean Trade Winds “opinion” in the context of an ongoing and lively discussion. You got me.


You have misunderstood the purpose of this post. It was not inviting a discussion of any kind not even of battery technology. If the purpose has evaded you I can’t help that but you are certainly free to start your own topic.

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