PQEB Timeframe (Original OUPV)

I called the NMC to get information about the “READY TO BE EVALUATED PQEB” phase timeframe. She told me she couldn’t give me a timeframe me that my application technically started Aug 25th and it can take up to 90 days from that date to be approved. I read some relevant topics here on G Captain but they are from 2016 and later.

Can anyone who knows, or any new OUPV captains out there tell me how long your wait was before it went to Being Evaluated? Thank you in advance.

Atleast 6 months for oupv!

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Update: NMC emailed me yesterday afternoon saying I am now being evaluated. So this is the fastest time I seen happen. Aug 25th to the 29th

thank you Tugslasthitch for your response.