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Thank you for the effort. But she isn’t sailing to a Kansas airport.

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OK, try; Port Newark–Elizabeth Marine Terminal
Or maybe someone made a little spelling error; NEWARK. Port code: USNWK

We have a winner! She’s sailing into NWK as I type.

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Has anybody here visited all these ports lately?:

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Usually Container Ports gets all the attention and publicity, but here is the ranking of handling speed of Bulk and Liquid cargos by nation:

According to UNCTAD’ Maritime Transport 2022 Report:

Don’t believe the statistics that say the max, wind force in Singapore is 40 kts.
That is correct for 10 min. sustained wind, but a lot more is regularly experienced in squalls:

When a “Sumatra” line squall hits it can frequently reach hurricane force (64 kts.)

Of course there will be somebody who say;

  • This is BS, it will never happen
  • If it does it is not man made
  • If it is, blame China, they are the biggest GHG polluter.

Middle of day in Murmansk at this time of the year:

The ice-free Kola Bay has one of Russia’s five biggest seaports.
Photo: Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer

Kola Bay was not a place that my old man had many fond memories of during the war.

Beware those STS cranes, they may be spying on you:

Looks like this becomes a new Balloongate to the enjoyment of the internet warriors:


Or maybe this kind of cranes is what you have to look out for?:
MAYBE they had outfitted their national bird the “Red-crowned Crane” with cameras and released a flock from a balloon.

Automated cranes certainly have a lot of cameras and electronics that COULD be seeing if any of the stevedores (longshoremen to you) are goofing off on the job. (If that interests China)
If there are any job left for them to do when the cranes are automated, that is.

PS> Why would China stop the cranes from working when they can stop sending ships to US with junk at any time?