Poll - Enough guest posts, already (?)

I would certainly love to see posts return to being attached to specific users rather than this recent trend towards guest posts.
Something changed in the software a few weeks back that made it posslble to guest post. IMHO it doesn’t add to the flow of discussion here. Rather it creates ambiguity as to the source. Many guest posts are quite well written and it would be best to be able to tie them to an author other than “guest”. If one does not want a certain post to be associated with a certain username, John allows multiple accounts for just that reason.
What say you all?


sorry i couldnt resist.

Capt_Anonymous you are an elitist asshole.

no more guests

aye capt!

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Let’s put it to a vote!

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Just for the elitist asshole, I’m going to change my screen name to “guest”.<img alt="" src=“http://gcaptain.com/maritime/forum/js/FCKeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/devil_smile.gif” />

I think that guests should be able to read the threads without having to register, but if they want to post up they should have a user name.

I’m fine with just plain asshole. I didn’t go to an academy so I can’t claim elitist status.

If there is one thing about this industry, it’s that it’s small. Not all of us want a “paper trail” in any way, shape, or form. While not perfect in this sense, I feel more comfortable posting without being “tracked”. You know how most normal, shore-side employers look for applicant’s Facebook, MySpace, etc. accounts? There are only so many places to hide in this industry! This forum would be better if you didn’t register, but simply put a name and email every time a post is made. Another forum I frequent is similar to this and there are MANY posts per day. This doesn’t even touch on the fact that many people will add their thoughts after reading something (specifically guests), but the hassle of signing up for an account and signing in just plain takes too much time. Not lazy - rather, I’m busy!

Yeah I know what you mean, it takes me hours every day just to get signed in, and the signing up process captured my constant attention for days. What a pain in the ass! Gotta go, I’m too busy to continue.

Those that worry about a “paper trail” or being “tracked” either have a guilty conscience or are paranoid for a reason!

John, Do you side with the popular vote on the poll, or do Capt-A, anchorman and tengineer have electoral status?

Guests should be required to submit blood and stool samples prior to being allowed to post.

I think in Cheng’s case a drug test too.

The poll makes the decision… unless the log files reveal unethical practices.

Why would we want to discourage people from joining a discussion? There is no doubt that requiring membership discourages people from posting what are often valuable opinions and information. Yes, it is easy to join the forum but (for whatever reason) some people do not wish to be members. Oh well. I for one am always hesitant to give personal information to a web site. “Guest” gives potential members an opportunity to join in on the discussion while they decide if they want to join the forum as members. It also gives people that just “drop by” an avenue to lend their opinions and experience to the discussion. Sure, their opinions and experience may be worthless–but how would knowing their (usually) anonymous handle change the value of their post. True, it seems apparent that “guest” is often used by members and non-members alike to post cheap shots and otherwise worthless information – but even some of these post are worth reading, if only for their entertainment value. So, welcome guests, join in and keep it lively.

i dont like the guest’s because it just gets too hard to track who says what in when there are a lot of them posting.
Look how hard is it to come up with an alies when doing this? One that you dont use anywere else and the ability to track you down is impossible. Just try to not be to specific about things like I was on this boat on this day on watch at this time and youll be ok. But really is your concencise that guilty?

Uh, what?

Personally, I don’t spend a whole lot of time absorbing guest posts. It is hard enough to try to interpret emotion, wit, irony, sarcasm, bullshit, true meaning, intent, etc from posts. Something about the ether strips away inflection, emotion, and the things even handwritten notes convey that electronic missives sadly lack.
Tying posts to an individual contributor allows one to, over time and a series of numerous posts, to get to know the poster. Their personality develops, and becomes known to the group after a time. This is impossible with the guest posts because there is no known point of reference to the author.
A compromise might be to keep the guest option available, and for those who choose to post more than once or twice as guests to add some type of identifier, or signature perhaps, to the posts that they feel might be worthy of standing out from the crowd.