Police: Bank rob suspect was on 'Deadliest Catch'

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<!-- end .byline --> EUGENE, Ore. – Police say a man who appeared in the Discovery Channel show “Deadliest Catch” is wanted for three bank robberies in Oregon and has been arrested in Illinois.
Police in East Peoria, Ill., say they arrested 23-year-old Joshua Tel Warner early Thursday on the Oregon bank robbery warrant after a vehicle he was riding in was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. He was being held on $30,000 bail in the Tazewell County Jail.
Police in Eugene, Ore., say he is the same Josh Warner who appeared as a greenhorn deckhand on the king crab fishing boat Wizard in the “Deadliest Catch” earlier this year. The television reality show depicts the crab fishing industry in the treacherous Bering Sea near Alaska.
see story- here- http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100101/ap_on_en_tv/us_deadliest_catch_arrest

:eek: It took seven seasons before this happened?

What a douchebag

Fishing is hard work. Plan B was easier, but I guess it didn’t really work out. Why do these boneheads always get caught in “routine” traffic stops? Also, this might effect his TWIC card application.

[QUOTE=mike173;23615]…this might effect his TWIC card application.[/QUOTE]

$5 says he gets approved…

When i was in the National Guard, A Major C5 Galaxy Pilot tried to hold up the Mini Mart. Somebody tripped the alarm and they had him holed up inside with hostages as I was leaving the base.

Come to find out he was also a B747 freighter pilot for TWA. So he was probably pulling down about $200,000. a year at the time and another $1500 a month in the Guards.

They had just flown in from Puerto Rico and were due to depart for Dover.Delaware. Last I heard they were checking to see if he had flown into other bases and robbed them before escaping in his aircraft.

  • An Air Force major pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that he tried to rob a convenience store at Westover Reserve Base and then kept police at bay for seven hours on May 24. Maj. Gerald VanLandingham, 42, of Dover, Del., acknowledged a gambling problem and said he was distraught over the death of his brother in the Persian Gulf War,

What’d he get at the Mini Mart? Peanut butter and a can of sardines?

Do you even need a TWIC to work on a fishing boat? I was the only person on mine with one.

[quote=dougpine;23631]Do you even need a TWIC to work on a fishing boat? /quote]

[B][I]I didn’t need twic to work on commericial boat, but the USCG mailed letters out that stated if you held any credentials with them (even if your not using ) you are still required to get the TWIT card. :cool:[/I][/B]

[QUOTE=dougpine;23631]Do you even need a TWIC to work on a fishing boat? I was the only person on mine with one.[/QUOTE]

That was a feeble attempt at humor.

[B][I]right over my head ? :cool:[/I][/B]

Mine too…

Vast majority of the unlicensed folks (processors mainly) on my fishing vessel didn’t have TWIC- as gangway watch I had to escort them all the time…