Deadliest Catch

Please read this article about Edgar Hansen pleading Guilty as Sexually abusing a 16 year old girl.

Say it ain’t so…wtf?

Trying to work in a “Deadliest Catch - Jailbait episode” joke but perhaps too soon. I doubt the TV fishermen are any better or worse behaved than the ones not on TV shows, but they get noticed more.


Runs in the family.

welllllllllllllll, uh… shouldn’t we have a pic before passing judgement?

He kissed a girl at a house party who turned out to be only 16. This troubled girl had a therapist. She told the therapist. We don’t know whether she was upset by the kiss or bragging about kissing a TV star. The therapist called the police.

Apparently these days, a kiss is legally considered a form of sexual assault.

Would a prosecutor have pursued this case over a kiss, if he wasn’t a TV star? I doubt it.

He’s not a bad guy. Let’s cut him a little slack.

I might be wrong but by this statement, it sounds like a little more than just a kiss.

“I committed this assault for the purpose of my own sexual gratification,” Hansen’s handwritten statement said. “I am very sorry for that conduct and I have commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again.”

And he grabbed her private areas. Sort of like Kevin Spacey. Only Kevin Spacey doesn’t have a career anymore. Why Discovery Channel hasn’t ended the Hansen brothers contract is beyond me. Unless they already have. Stopped watching it long time ago.