Platform Fire Near Fourchon?

Just heard a rumor. Nothing in the news yet. Any info here?

[QUOTE=cmakin;152560]Just heard a rumor. Nothing in the news yet. Any info here?[/QUOTE]

ST-27, platform owned by Energy 21.

From what I have heard, the Conner Bordelon struck a satellite rig.

Hey Saltine, where did you get ST-27 from? I just left a message with Energy XXI to verify, but haven’t heard back yet

Is this the one the Bordelon boat crashed into this morning?

I believe so. That boat is only a few years old too. Was featured in Workboat a while back I think

BSEE confirms incident, provides more details:

It is only about a year old. First of a few that they are building.

HAHA! Somebody fell asleep at the wheel!

Fire on the Water After Offshore Supply Vessel Hits Production Platform

By Rob Almeida On January 23, 2015

File image © cdag/

The 260-foot DP2 offshore supply vessel Connor Bordelon allided with the fixed production platform at South Timbalier (ST) Block 27IA this morning roughly 5 miles south of the Port Fourchon jetties. The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 AM local time, according to an emailed statement by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

“There was a fire on the platform which was extinguished through firefighting efforts by vessels in the area,” according to BSEE. The platform is operated by Energy XXI, GOM, LLC which reported “gas bubbles intermittently rising to the surface,” however no other pollution has been observed.

An undated photo of ST 27IA, via BSEE

U.S. Coast Guard spokesperson Petty Officer Jonathan Lally tells gCaptain the Connor Bordelon has since returned to Port Fourchon where a damage assessment is currently under way. Petty Officer Lally notes the vessel was taking on water as a result of the incident.

There were 20 personnel on board the vessel at the time of the incident and no injuries were reported.

According to the operator, “there were three wells producing oil at the time of the incident. An Emergency Shut Down (ESD) was successfully performed and production has been shut-in.”

The incident will be investigated by both BSEE and the U.S. Coast Guard.

[QUOTE=c.captain;152642]HAHA! Somebody fell asleep at the wheel![/QUOTE]

Or a case of distracted driving, which is more prevalent nowadays.

Uhh, the fire was a bit more significant than we were led to believe:

Thanks to Byron Troslair for the photo

Probably a mix of fire and collision, not just a glancing blow it would seem.

I guess Bordelon is hiring ?

I don’t think those pictures are of the same structure. They hit a satellite. The burnt one is a satellite. The other is not.

That second picture doesn’t look anything like the one that BSEE put up. The casing is smaller in the second one and also not nearly as tall.

One of you guys must be able to confirm what we’re looking at here… If it’s not ST-27, what is it then?

If it’s not lighted, which it doesn’t seem to be, what is it doing there?

It's lit rob, or at least it was a couple weeks ago when I was at work. It is right at the end of the rabbit field, in fact it's the platform everyone does their DP trials at. You can just see the cyscan reflector hanging down in the BSEE photo.

Even if the lights went out, it shows up on radar pretty good…

I’m referring to the photo of what’s apparently left of the platform…

If that’s not ST-27, what is it? Surely you all must know what that is if it’s not the platform that burned up.

photo of damage to Connor Bordelon