Connor Bordelon allides with nat gas platform

At about 5AM today the DP2 PSV Connor Bordelon hit a natural gas platform/pipeline off Fourchon. Here’s what we know:

Anyone in Fourchon get pictures? I guess they put the cream of the crop on the new boats at Bordelon too.

I think everyone has had a near mix up coming into Belle Pass between hole in the wall and the jetties. Unless this turns out to be a loss of steering incident or similar I would bet this comes down to poor situational awareness, or worse a “we just got cell service” incident.

Good news deck guys there will be a few openings at Bordelon next week. What exactly is there to hit in that area that people haven’t passed by a thousand times?

We came in this morning around the time of the accident. Poor visibility in the rain. We made a quick turn around and I saw the satellite on the way out. It’s the eastern most one on the west side of the hole in the wall. Burnt to a crisp. Could only see the stbd side of the Connor. Damage must be on the port side…