Pirates shoot at, chase MSC ship

[B]Anyone see this?


Pirates fire on a US navy vessel- we run:(

It’s a dry cargo ship. Perhaps they could have thrown potatoes ?

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about MSC- but I was under the impression that all MSC ships had small arms…

They do, wonder why there was no return fire. These ships also have a military detachment aboard.

There’s another story on this incident on CNN, the pirates never made it closer than one nautical mile. This explains why the ships security team did not open fire.


Thanks- that explains a lot:)

T-AKE 1 was in the news not to long ago. They converted one of her cargo holds into a prison and can hold up to 26 prisoners. The US Navy has been using her to hold captured pirates. She has Marines and plenty of security.

Hey Charles are you sailing chief mate or cargo yet?

negative on both I doing to well with night d as a third. Not sure if i’m even interested in taking another week long coast guard exam.