Piracy tactics

Guys - Thanks for the postings on ‘container ship loading’! You answered the questions and then some… OK, I’ll post some other questions I’ve wondered about. It’s in regards to piracy attacks:

What’s a typical pirate (I’m talking Somalis here, not those in the Malacca Strait) boarding tactic? Grappling hook and rope, I’m supposing… but is it easier to board at the stern, or the bow (I’m presuming the ship is underway, and not at anchor).

Second, I’m presuming a ship’s radar can identify a ‘suspicious’ vessel some minutes before the pirate skiff is close enough to actually board? If that is the case (let’s say it’s nighttime, so visibility is nil), how would a bridge crew identify a vessel as having ‘suspicious intent’? Would they alter course slightly and see if the blip on the radar adjusts course as well?

Do you really think that we don’t know your from Somalia and that your just trying to find out our tactics so you can adjust yours.

I must admit your English is very good, not like those Nigerians trying to smuggle money out of the country with our help, for just a small donation.