Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

SKANDI KVITSØY arriving at Aberdeen on 18/3/22.
Photo: Maurice Napier ©

The POSH HAWK transited the Singapore strait from west to East with the HAKURYU-5

Photos: Nathan (c)

I was on her maiden trip in 1975 from the building yard to first drilling location off Hokkaido, Japan.

PS> And many times since, both in Japan, Taiwan, S.E. Asia and in Namibia.
Last time was in Labuan in 2012, where she was in layup for a while:

Preparing for a tow back to Japan for major upgrade.

The USNS MILLINOCKET (T-EPF-3) navigating the Johor Strait outbound from Singapore Sembawang heading for Subic Bay (Philippines)
Photo: Nathan (c)

PS> Look at all those dooms and antennas. I wonder what this one does for a living. :innocent:

HOS RED ROCK / IMO 9647655 navigating the Mediterranean Sea , 26-03-2022
Photo: Capt Johan Trommel ©

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Looks like a spontaneous growth:
Being a expeditionary FAST transport maybe means you want to know what the hell lies there, here and beyond.

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May be, for certain operations, this ship is used as command ship with extended communication needs.

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The Danish icebreaking general cargo and container vessel “MALIK ARCTICA” navigating the Yangtzekanaal in the Port of Rotterdam
Photo: Cees van der Kooij (c)

Tidewater owned, IoM flagged PSV “TROMS CAPELLA” inbound for Vlissingen –Kaloothaven Photo: Huib Lievense (c)

MV “MIDNIGHT CZAR” waiting for orders offshore Curacao.
She was built in 1990 and sailing under Vanuatu flag.
She can load up to 3,061 t of cargo.
Photo: Aart van Essen ©

Stay well upwind of this one:

the 1986 built livestock carrier BASHAR ONE TRANSPORT underway from Egypt to Algeria on Wednesday 23rd March, 2022. Amongst 10 former names she’s the former NEDLLOYD MAURITIUS from 1989 to 1995.
Picture Credit - Capt. Lawrence Dalli -

She has had many names during a long and not so eventful career:

The 1969 build ro ro vessel ELEKTRON 2.Vessel is often loading at Mammoet Schiedam with big transformers, or other heavy equipment.
Photo: Arie Boer (c)

The RAMFORM HYPERION navigating off Floro (Norway) Photo : Henk de Winde (c)

The Aquaculture service boat Athena is packed with equipment;

The OCEAN TIGER (ex : Smit-Lloyd 29 ex Smit Lloyd Aswan ex.Ocean Aswan) spotted in Sharjah UAE earlier this week
Photo: Capt Kees Pronk - master ALP STRIKER ©

I don’t know anything about this picture, other than that it is nice:

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Don’t know where, when and by whom:

John wrote an article about rusty Navy ships a few days ago. Here is a good illustration.
Enlarge to enjoy:

The Ticonderoga class cruiser CG 67 SHILOH last September when passing the Singapore Strait
Photo: Piet Sinke (c)

As bug would say, enlarge to enjoy.

I enlarged and it still looks like a F**k Up.
PS> Navies are good at that. :rage:

Northlink operated RoRo-ferry HJALTLAND arriving Aberdeen harbour from Lerwick, Shetland.
HJALTLAND was built in 2002 and her IMO number is 9244958
Photo: Sten William (c)

PS> Hjaltland is the old Norse name for Shetland:

Maybe the name will change back again in the not too far future;

Only mention I can find of that famous historian is in copies of that article…

It is an article from a spoof newspaper.
Gerritupyeson= Get it up, you son.

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Oh sorry, did I forget to mention that it was from a not too reliable source?? :innocent:
Here is an explanation that should help clear that up:

BTW; Ah Dinnea Kenny = I don’t know

PS> The Comments below the original article is more funny than the actual content of the article.