Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

Aidamar has spent two days in Ålesund WOW, but finally left this afternoon bound for Hamburg as the wind died down a bit:

Photo: Magnar Lyngstad

A few idle Offshore vessels presently ready and available on the spot market:

Offshore support vessels moored in Bergen (Norway)
Photo: Gijs Dijkdrenth ©

Live Fish Carrier GASO VIKING navigating Norwegian waters
Photo: Gijs Dijkdrenth ©

PS> No she is not hogged. It’s just an optical illusion caused be bow construction and the paint scheme.

This could have gone in the Veteran Ships thread, but she is still active in commercial trade, therefore here:

Silver Sea AS of Bergen operates an interesting fleet, mainly reefer vessels. Their pallet carrier SILVER DANIA passed Kiel heading from Eemshaven for St. Petersburg. She originated in 1989 as TRANS DANIA from Hermann Suerken Shipyard in Papenburg and served Seatrans A/S for an impressive period of 30 years.
Photo: Martin Lochte-Holtgreven ©

The 2017 built Multi Purpose ship SYMPHONY SPIRIT entering Grand Harbour, Malta on Tuesday 19th October, 2021 to discharge sailing yachts for the Rolex Middle Sea Race.
Photo: Capt. Lawrence Dalli - ©

I wonder if it actually makes any difference on the fuel consumption.

Since the wind is always against (according to some) it probably reduce the wind resistance.
It was a trend to round off the superstructure front for some years for the same reason.
It appears that reducing the superstructure profile should do the same, if not more to save fuel/maintain speed.

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ECR onboard the cruise ship SEABOURN OVATION during the dog watch.
Trying to keep positive during time change. (1 hour back, at 0300 hrs. CET)

Loadline, what is that??

Inland water vessel fully loaded navigating the Westerschelde Photo : Huib Lievense ©


The CAROLYN CHOUEST outbound from Semabawang (Singapore)
Photo: Nathan ©

Another beauty. This one with kissing lips and a large sperm swimming along the sides:

The brand new AIDA COSMA arriving Rotterdam bathed in the early morning sun. Photo: Frank Behling ©

Been there, seen that and the glass of water was quite safe on the coffee table. We called it oil berg.

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NORMAND SAMSON looks in good nick as seen berthed at the port of Tyne.
Photo: Capt Alex ©

PS> She has lost her status as the most powerful tug in the world though.

A new one to me:

AMSOL’s tug UMKHUSELI departed Cape Town for St Helena Bay to assist the bulk carrier NS QINDAO that has a smouldering cargo in one of her holds.
Photo: Glenn Käsner ©

Well maybe not so big mystery; she is the former Toisa Envoy, later ENA Frontier:

08 November 2021 - 49,924mtdw, Norwegian flag (Nis) open hatch cargo ship “STAR KIRKENES” discharging wind turbine blades at Port of Longview, Washington on the Columbia River. The 208.78m x 32.25m x 19.50m depth / 12.34m max draft ship was built 2009 / 2010 by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard. Ship is owned by Grieg International and operated / managed by G2 Ocean AS. Previous port of call was Busan, Korea.
Photo Bob Beegle (c)


Text & Photo: Nathan ©

Is it me or is that a Funny-looking Vessel?

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No it’s not you. It’s a design of Irish Ferry re-designed by politicians and a battalion of consultants, mostly accountants and lawyers, to built a vessel to provide amphibious support to our army in very calm conditions.
So far it has supported two towns that were isolated after two major earthquakes and provided assistance to pacific islands after hurricanes.
I suspect that her battle honours will be pretty well unchanged in another 15 years time.


Pity, that. At least the front can’t fall off, or already did.


U.S. flagged general cargo ship OCEAN GRAND carrying two U.S. Coast Guard cutters, sails in the Dardanelles, on its way to the Black Sea, in Canakkale,Turkey November 20, 2021.
Photo: REUTERS/Yoruk Isik