Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them





I believe I am going to vomit

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Who bought it?

What are they going to do with it?

What happened to the other one?



I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.



Let’s switch to a very nicely restored and maintained wooden fishing boat from 1969:


Now used for occasional charter trips and charted out for fishery research expeditions.
Last year she was on an expedition north of Svalbard for the Norwegian Fishery Research Institute. (>80 derg. North Lat.) Not bad for an old wooden boat.

In the discussion about who is a real Mariner, I would qualify those who operated this one in all seasons and all weather in the North Sea, West of Shetland and in the Barents Sea in the 1970’s.

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Absolutely. Real fishermen are real mariners. So are some yachtsmen.

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This video may have been seen by most here, or even posted here before, but just in case somebody missed it:

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Man, I miss posts from @Sweat-n-Grease. When he started this thread he was posting all the time, then he had some problems. IIRC, some bad storms tore up his place and then there were the bad fires but this was years ago. On top of that he had some health problems and I hope he’s still kicking and enjoying life.

I’ve tried to email him (which has worked in the past) but never got a response. Hopefully he’s enjoying retirement up there in Montana. If anyone has heard from him please let me know.

@john, @c.captain, I’m tagging the two of you guys as well John’s John and c.captain, I seem to remember you and SNG going back and forth a time or two.



The PSV Troms Lyra riding the swells while handling cargo in the Barents Sea:

PS> She is owned by Tidewater company Troms Offshore in Tromso, Norway.



Another brand new vessel in the Fish farm industry showed up in Aalesund yesterday. But this is not you “run of the mill” live fish or feed carrier:


She is the very first combined Live fish carrier cum slaughter vessel:

She is able to go directly to the fish farm to suck up fish from the pens while operating on DP, then slaughter and chill the fish en route to delivery point in NW Europe.
Initially she will be delivering in Hirtshals, Denmark, where facilities for processing and packing are already in place. Later this may be extended to ports in Germany or the Netherlands.

Anybody that still think fish farming is a low tech industry with few if any opportunities for Mariners need to have look at this complex vessel.
Not only is the equipment to handle and process the fish hi-tech, but the facilities for the crews are designed with an emphasise on comfort and well being:(No noise from the thrusters in the quarters)



Life on board a Greenlandic prawn trawler may be familiar so some here, but new to others:

But a RoRo carrier may be familiar to more people here:



Titan has looked better but even with faded paint she looks definitely much better then the acid trip of a Dutch tug.



Nordstjernen has gone into winter layup in Kristiansund, awaiting her next summer sailing around Svalbard with home port Longyearbyen:

Looks good for an old lady.



Familiar ship for some here I imagine:

Here she is in her original colours:



I don’t know which ship, how many TEUs she can hold, or anything else about her, except that “she ain’t no beauty”:

I don’t know if she’ll look any better with a lot of multi-coloured “lego bricks” on deck either.



She is the Ever Golden, 20388 TEUs. Here she is with a few boxes on her.



I spotted what looked to me like a tanker alongside at Stornespiren in Aalesund a few days ago and wondered what a tanker was doing there?
The name was also “strange”; Rig Andromeda. I associated the “prefix” Rig with offshore vessels belong to the Brattvaag company Uksenoy.
Since it was dark I did not get a picture, but the next day I looked at web pictures on Aalesund Havn and copied this picture:

Still curious I looked her up on Marine traffic and found her described as a Research/Survey vessel, not tanker:

Even more curious I went into the website for Uksenoy for an explanation. Here is the explanation:



Another special vessel that is spending the holiday in Aalesund is the Volt Processor:

Purpose built to serve the fish farms as a delousing facility
Description of the process used to treat the fish and Technical Specifications of this newbuilt vessel;



Before and after picture of the research and exploration vessel Alucia 2:


The last from gcaptain yesterday:

An unusually looking car carrier:

Here is specs:

An bit of anchor handling activity FYE:



Heading home with a good catch of Capelin: