Peloton Bike - Exercise Equipment aboard Ship

Good morning! I am planning to buy a Peloton Bike. What are your recommendations and suggestions?

To go find a forum about fitness and exercise equipment! Even us lowly mariners know $2,000 for a stationary bike with a TV attached to it is a ripoff.


thanks for your insight @NH_Domer… I’d think about this not just twice but thrice, I guess… haha

If you or your crew going in together are thinking about it, no way. If the client or your company is going to pay then order 2.

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Isn’t this the $2000 bike that gets bricked by the manufacturer after a few years?

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I’ve seen one advertised where you use your own bike. Need to have rear wheel driving a device that reads power output. Don’t know anything about cost or anything.

Zwift and CycleOps

If you’re on a ship and need a stationary bike to stay in shape perhaps you need to get out more. Going up and down 20+ flights of stairs a day managed to keep me from showing all the good food I ate. :smiley:

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One of these just moved into my local body of water. Could this be the solution to both crew exercise and environmentally sound marine propulsion?

This is not suitable for shipboard use. Needs continuous internet connection for one and I imagine an account of some kind. It’s more for serious cyclist home use.

The Peloton does require a monthly subscription ($40) and functionality is way reduced without internet, but it would still work. Just no access to most of the streamed video

Always amazes me people will pay to exercise. Wanna lose weight? Go work as a deckhand.

Most people exercise for other reasons then losing weight. For example sailing as second mate, standing the midwatch, working on charts all day an intense workout feels great, sleep better, less fatigue, more alert on watch etc.

Sailing C/M I was far to worn out physically after an 18 hour day to want to work out but sailing second mate or master is a different story.

A second mate or master are not likely to quit their job to work deckhand.

Likely, no. Though I sometimes fantasize about showing up as an AB who says he knows nothing…


I’ve always used the 20+ flight of stairs a day test to determine if I needed to go back to the gym for more cardio or to signal to cut down on the good food. If a person feels the stairs are a good work out then they probably need to be doing additional exercise elsewhere.

The gym where my wife goes to runs about $45 a month & they have the Peloton bikes there. But they also have all the other bells & whistles like pools, 3D full body scales, hydro-massages, climbing wall, group classes etc. Before I handed over $2,000 plus $40 extra a month subscription I would join a fancy gym & use their bikes. Save the $2,000.

I don’t know anything about the Peloton bike but I suspect it’s the same bunch that would be in the market for this

What is a power meter?

A power meter is a device fitted to a bike that measures the power output of the rider.


The ones at my wife’s gym have the screen but they are also mounted on a gyro-swivel type base so when the video shows curves & hills you can lean & move into it. I’m not into it but she says it’s neat. I haven’t tried them though.

Something else to consider regarding the long term availability of the subscription services:

you mean that advertising blitz around the new year, with tv commercials that could have been for a Range Rover, didn’t pay off big time? Huhhh

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It’s one of those network effect scenarios. Adding customers doesn’t increase costs much beyond another server. If they can sell enough to get over the threshold they would have a lock on that market. If they fall short they go under.

With regards to the ship the exercise equipment I hate the least is the Concept 2 rowing machine. They go for about $1000. Several ships I’ve been on have them.

Best workout you can get. I believe 90% of your body’s muscle is used while rowing/ erging. And those models taken up about 2 square feet of floor space when stowed.