Peloton Bike - Exercise Equipment aboard Ship

You know you can just get normal exercise bikes right? Or a rowing machine or any other cardio torture apparatus

May I suggest one of these which are popular with the CrossFit set as well as NFL sidelines. This is a verified torture device!

We use our Stationary Bike to Hang up our Heaving Lines and Rain Coats.


So does most everyone else.

I will agree that the Assault bike is a verified torture device. Damn it’s taxing on the body!

We have one of those but I’m tall enough I worry I’d hit my head on the beam above it.

Look for a used lifecycle or something like it. Refurbished. Lots of them discarded after brief use as a clothes hanger. Ship I am on now has a lot of stuff crammed into a small gym. Including a nice smith machine with a full set of plates. And two ellipticals.

I’m with tenengineer here climbing ladderwells all day … i did the math once on how much vertical elevation I climbed in a month/year … it was astounding. We had weight rooms etc. aboard, as a engineer I seldom visited as nothing broke down in there!!!
I’ve little reason to belittle working out, I can see how the fat can overtake a person. I’ve usually been active enough it just hasn’t been a issue. I wouldn’t be spending thousands of $ though. I was in the best physical condition of my life after Army Airborne and we never had machines to work out with.

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