Paying it Forward

I have some prep books I want to give away to someone here. They are Marine Education Textbooks covering prep for QMED.

QMED Oiler, QMED Electricity, QMED Boilers, and QMED Advanced Machine Shop.

Would like to use this forum to help pick a winner. Do you want, and can make good use of these books? Post a reply telling us why you would be the best choice. Do you know someone who could benefit from having them? Tell us about them and why they should get these free books.

I will choose a winner based onn my own completely subjective scoring system, though number of “thanks” given by other members will influence the result.


Winner will be chosen September 1.
If you want to remain anonymous I will ask John or Mike to serve as the intermediary to remail them to you, and I will cover the cost of mailing.

That is awesome!!! Kudos! If more

People had that mentality, the world would be quite the awesome place!

Thanks for the kind words, but so far these books are just going to keep collecting dust in my basement.
Do you know anybody who could put them to use?

Though I already have my Oiler endorsement, I am on a track which will take me to 3rd A/E within a few years. I’ve also found that study materials and references, such as what your offering, become much more relevant and understood with experience. Its one thing to pass an initial oiler test, but quite another to connect the dots and have material start to click in a practical sense while on the job. I would put them to good use not only for myself, but for others I come across along the way.

Thank you for offering these, it speaks well of the prevailing spirit within our industry.

Thanks for posting, this is a good start!

I don’t know anyone who can’t help their self to purchase their own. Someone out there will definitely be more deserving. I will keep my ear open though.

Man, I hope this isn’t one of those “too good to be true” posts…
I’ve been studying for my QMED by using every free resource mentioned here on gCaptain. I mostly use USCGQ and Seasourse but I also downloaded the NAVTRAMANs and have them uploaded to my Kindle so I can study when I’m on the road as well. I even went so far as to call the publisher of a QMED workbook in New York, hoping I could get it for less than the $85 I have seen it listed for on Amazon, but when the publisher called me back …I was directed to his Amazon site.
My story: I went to wooden boatbuilding school in Port Townsend, started working as a deckhand on wooden seiners, put myself through welding school at Lincoln Electric, got a job building boats (Kvichak, SafeBoats…), After about 10 years of building ships and boats I decided I want to be my own skipper someday…maybe build a nice big steel schooner for me and my family to do some chartering up in Alaska and down to Costa Rica. So I gathered up my sea-time and purchased the online course from MLS, got my 100T (NC) with sailing…and later assist towing just for the heck of it. THEN I decided being a deckhand would give me some experience and working capital. I had thought that my 100T would make me a better candidate for a deckhand job but what I discovered was that everyone wanted an AB, so I went to MERTS and took a BST and PSC class and went to the Portland REC and tested for AB unlimited. I have been working on tugboats up in Alaska, and this year our “engineer” (a QMED) got us stuck on a sand bar for 5 days because he did something REALLY dumb…he got canned making me [I]de facto[/I] engineer ( I have a wiper rating on my MMC).
So basically, I’ll be testing for my 500T soon (I still need Radar Observer and BRM), but I want to add QMED just for me, I don’t intend on a lateral move to the ER, but I know if our last engineer could pass the QMED test, it couldn’t be THAT hard…
Phuleeeeeeeeezze! let me get those study books…I’ll even trade my Hazmat and Marine Firefighting text books for them! :wink: AND I [B]promise[/B] I’ll pass them on to someone just like you are when I’m done.


It’s not a “too good to be true” post.
Although I may extend the deadline to Sept. 12 as that will be when I get home from my next hitch.
Great post, and a cool story, bro.
Anybody else wanna try to best that one?

im on a ship in singapore right now and i dont get back to the US for another 20 days. Im currently an oiler who is trying to become a QMED i have been trying to learn as much as i can and i would love to get ahold of these books to study, pass the test, then pay it forward again. i would really appreciate them. good luck and thanks for offering them to mariners who are new to the industry.

So far we have only two contenders. I was really hoping for more interest than this.

Great idea , love the concept. I don’t know of anyone that could use these great books. I like the odds for these 2 wish the last lottery had the same odds. LOL

Did I mention it is my birthday…?
Hint, hint…

Bumpity bump bump bump.

Birthdays don’t matter.

Dang, fellas …
Hoping for more entries.
I pick a winner September 12 and the books go in the mail the 13th.

Okay, this should prove to be interesting, especially reading about others and of their paths in the maritime sector. So, how does one convince you he’s more worthy? I’ll just waffle on for a bit then -cant hurt right?
Where do I start… I am originally from the jolly old UK, although jolly is just BS as the weather is so gloomy nobody is jolly, not even Santa over Xmas. It’s all about tea and biscuits really. However, I now live in the sunny old SE US and are presently working toward my QMED & 500/1600 after 25 years of the grindstone. Originally started out sailing on square riggers and learned the traditions of marlinspike seamanship and of the jury rigging goings on to make it to port, there after it was a live-aboard dive vessel catering to tourists eagerly seeking the best drops we could provide. An old Port Arthur built OSV as a matter of fact. That was good for tonnage & time but the UK doesn’t have a good scheme for tickets for anything outside of the Merchant Marine really, so sea time just kept building along with the experiences. After reverting back to several more years of large sailing vessels I found the challenge were no longer on deck and instead decided to become an engineer full time which led me on to motor yachts. This is where I’ve now been for sometime. Last year I finally became a US Citizen and have since undertaken the modules for the USCG toward the MMD most of which were repeated as my then current UK STCW was not recognized by the USCG. So, I have been studying the materials for the QMED online much from and although now I feel the need to thumb the pages rather than to click them! One of the guys onboard the boat I’m on now was about to enter the UK system since his buddies were doing the same the same thing, I’ve since changed his thinking into doing the USCG QMED and onwards, especially since he’s US! He & I are both headed in the same direction and hope to get off of yachts and into the oil & gas industry eventually, since yachting has a term life and is as fickle as the owners wives. The one good thing that will come of this book donation is the fact that like music that was on CDs, I remember when crew borrowed & copied them with other crew, I feel the same way about study books. I gave up all my Nav study books that were of the UK system to other crew moving up, that’s a great feeling of which I can appreciate at this point. Hint hint. If given the chance to use the books, I will endeavor the tradition and pass along to other hawsepipe climbing candidates so their futures will become a bit brighter and hopefully make them proficient while helping make the seas a safer place to work or at least that would be the hope. The End.
That’s it, thats all my waffling! I have a very simple mailing address when you’re ready to send them :wink: Cheers

Cool, thanks for your contribution. I would ask, that if you do recieve the books, however, that you do not copy them. Use them and pass them on. Copying them is piracy.

You have my word on that…

Is today the day?

Today is indeed the day, and I am choosing noblegiant to receive the books.
I hope he will pass them on when he is done with them.

[QUOTE=Flyer69;120193]Today is indeed the day, and I am choosing noblegiant to receive the books.
I hope he will pass them on when he is done with them.[/QUOTE]

Such a nice gesture, Flyer69.
Paying it forward is great karma.
I’m sure noblegiant will benefit in many ways.