Just did the three module 500 Master upgrade and passed 'em all! YAHOO! Basic DP last week with Dane Foster was great but didn’t leave a lot of left over study time!
Time for a cocktail!!!


Time for a cocktail!!![/QUOTE]

Congratulations, and have one for me. Rum and tonic would be fine… :slight_smile:

Thanks! Ah, another thing we have in common!

Congratulations!!! How long have you been out of PMI?
I have my interview via Skype this Friday and I’m a little nervous. Never done that via Skype before. Any tips?

Congratulations , no small feat, you should be proud.
Just proves again that the harder you work the luckier you get !

Nice work!

Good work!

Congrats! What were the 3 modules?? Rules for sure and what else??


Good for you.

Rules of the Road, Deck Safety and a Deck General/Deck Safety/Navigation General combination exam. This last module is the same (011xx) required by 2nd Mates and Chief Mates when adding the Master 1600 to their license

Now all you need is sea time to upgrade to 1600 master right?

Congratulations, great news.

Good Job! Now to find a good boat with a good job.

Make sure you get endorsed for Master OSV 3000 GT ITC

Option 1: Service Requirements from valid Master 500 OC/NC:
(Mariner holds valid endorsement as Master 500 OC/NC). He/she may have the MMC
endorsed for service as Master of OSVs of not more than 3,000 GT upon
domestic near coastal waters. (No additional training, assessment, or exams

hey whats up?I have an interveiw via skype also in a few days,did you do yours ?and got any tips on that ?who did you interveiw with,ive never heard of skype inteveiws before but i guess they exsist

I interviewed in person at PMI, early on in the program. Be honest and be yourself.

Congrats on the upgrade!