Outdoor tv systems for yachts

Hi guys,
I am looking for good and big outdoor tv systems for yachts. Preferably something that retracts and also is waterproof. Does anyone here have something like this or an idea where to get it? Thanks for your help?

Google “fort lauderdale yacht av systems” and see several. They are a commodity on large yachts.

Hi Steamer,
thank you for your reply and the suggestion. It looks great! Since you seem to be very knowledgeable in this area, do you know if tvs that retract exist for yachts? I think I have seen this before, but don’t know the brand.
Thank you!

Retracts are standard fittings, inside and out.

Start here: Yacht TV Lift | Technology in Motion for Yachts - Nexus 21

Then contact any of the businesses listed in this directory: