Other bodies of water

Hello first I want to thank you all for this site it is great for us sea dogs to get together.
Now there are other bodies of water out there I work on the great lakes as a mate/tankerman and have never made more.
I have been in unions and don’t recomend them to any sailor that wants to get paid or has a need for medical ins
I have worked all over the world and I like the great lakes and PNW loved Alaska
I don’t plan on leaving my job but am always looking and have found that companies in alaska and seattle are looking well kind of long so I’ll go
God speed to you all

Bullyjohn - I enjoyed your post. I spent the winter running crew boats in the GOM this past winter, and just got laid off.

You are right about the Great Lakes. They are a wonderful area. I live on Lake Superior, but most of my time is on salt water.

Hello water I miss the marine life but not the pay I do want to upgrade to a near coastal so day I would like to work in lower alaska again as a mate tankerman on tugs like the small crews