Great Lakes or Inland Job search?

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New to the forum here, just looking to see if anyone has any leads for me. Been working on the Great Lakes for 5 years now on bulk self unloaders. I kinda want to try something new. Really interested in pushing on brown water. I know towing endorsements and TOARs would help, but I don’t have any of that. I’m hoping to find a company that will help me get that stuff done. What exactly is a steersman/apprentice mate? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Honorably discharged USCG vet
1600 Mate Great Lakes / Inland
AB Unlimited (No STCW) :frowning:

What rate were you in the CG? Any BM or QM time?

Hey brother, first welcome. this forum is a wealth of knowledge and the guys on here are fantastic!
if you want to go brown water your talking a gulf company (probably) i would start with Kirby 713-435-1000, or higman 713-552-1101. both have fantastic training programs. the pay isnt great compared to what you make on the coasts, but i have no idea what you guys are making up on lakes.

A great web page full of phone numbers addresses etc is

if the link doesnt work let me know, ill email the pages to you.

good luck brother

Yeah I was a BM. QM was merged with us right as I was in A school. I was a QMOW as a SN on the 110.

thanks a lot. I called both Kirby and Higman, pretty much got blown off. Lol I have been calling places for days. Man the job market is not good. I know I could get a lot farther with a few endorsements, and that’s what I am trying to achieve, but no one wants to train I guess. When I said brown water, I guess I was including the Western Rivers too. I’ll check out that link next. Thanks guys!

Here is a posting for American Commercial Lines for a deckhand

I don’t know if it matters for brown water but you might think about taking a RFPNW-Lookout Only course (Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch) as a half step towards getting the full RFPNW. If you wanted to ship oceans as an AB you would need it. It can’t hurt and may make you a bit more marketable. I think some places offer it as a two day course.

USN QM training can be an alternative way to get RFPNW. But in your case maybe someone else will know if CG BM/QM time counts.

HI: My advice, If you’re currently working, stay put. You are right that this is a tough time to find a new job.

It sounds like you have a decision to make about whether you go Blue or brown. Your choice.

But your query about ‘apprentice steersman’ lets me know you are confused about it. This phrase is only the name (title) of the program that a newbie uses to get a Mate of towing license.

You DON’T need an apprentice steersman or go that route to get a MOTV. The rules state: (I’m paraphrasing here) A holder of GREATER than 200 ton license needs only a completed TOAR and proof of 30 days aboard a towing vessel.

The apprentice steersman takes about two years to get, and you can’t even get mates pay while doing it. You already have a better license than the apprentice program anyway! And a quicker way to get a Completed TOAR and authorization to get a mates job.

If you have the $$ shop around, there are several providers of STCW courses. They typically cost around 1400 to 2000. That would make you more employable. But brown water doesn’t even need STCW.

RFPNW-Lookout Only course is good for only 1 year and is not renewable,with your 1600 mate license you do not need the steersman program,there re jobs out there you just have to look harder to find them,seabulk in florida was looking for abs about 2 weeks ago,there are several schools that offer the 2 day course, mpt in florida, mid atlantic, are just 2 of them

Try Blessey marine 18004072577

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