OSG sending more ATBs to scrap


Just heard the OSG Intrepid / OSG 254 is officially out of service and sitting in Brownsville awaiting scrapyard. The. OSG 192 has been slated to be scrapped as well. Looks like the end of the line is almost here for the old Maritrans rigs. Bummer…


They are building one new barge and probably two to be paired with the 2 newer tugs. But I think with the exception of those two and the two lightering barges, that fleet will be gone soon.


Man, how many years did they get out of those? I remember seeing them when I was on the SEA SKIMMER, before they were made into ATBs. . . .


All of their larger boats were built in the late 60’s (Clipper was the first 5,600 hp boat) to the early 80’s. The Columbia, Freedom and Independence were the last built.

The first Intercon was the Intrepid followed by the Seafarer, Navigator and then the Liberty. All of the original Intercon boats are now gone with the scrapping of the Intrepid. The did do a refit on the “Deep Notch Tugs” with the Bludsworth system.

As of now they have the two larger rigs up on the Delaware River and the Columbia and Independence (Bludsworth) and the two “newer” boats with Intercon left in the Gulf.

It’s a shame to see a company that had a very large fleet in 1990 to be all but dead now. When I joined the in 90, they had well over 30 boats and an even larger amount of Barges. I guess the money men finally decided it was time to cash out and take what they can to recoup their investment.


Yeah, I remember them recruiting at the Academy in the early 80s. . .at the time, I wasn’t interested. . .I mean, I was Deep Sea, right? I felt the same about Crowley at the time, to. Little did I know that my life would take me into that world, whether I wanted to go or not. To be honest I am happy I made the turn. But yeah, those boats were all over the east and Gulf Coasts.


So OSG is down to 4 ATBs and they are building 2 new ATBs?

How many US flag tankers does OSG have?

How many foreign flag tankers?




In 2016 OSG spun off its international business group into a separate company, International Seaways. International Seaways owns/operates about 50 ships. There are people who are currently sit on both Board of Directors but the senior management groups of each company are different.


They’re building 1 and probably 2 new barges for the 2 newer tugs (not Delaware). Not building any new tugs as of yet.

12 Jones Act tankers and 2 MSP. Building 2 new non-Jones Act, presumably to replace the MSP ships.