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As I’m retired and have nothing else to do with my time, I keep track of some vessels via AIS.

The other day I noticed that the OSG Navigator (an InterCon ATB) was en-route to Brownsville, TX and was only making 4.8 knots. This is about half speed with a loaded Barge. So, she must have been being towed.

So just now I checked the app again and it looks like she’s at Esco Marine. I can’t see any reason for her to be there other than being scrapped.

So, it looks like another 20 people are out of work,

considering her barge, the OSG 252 is as old as the tug (1972), that is certainly appears that the pair are now at the end of their road. Just like humans, vessels simply cannot live forever and all must pass away eventually. This reality is sad but it is what is.

That doesn’t sound good

Can confirm that she was in tow. I passed her on my watch the other day.

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What boat was towing her?

I’m sorry, I don’t remember.

Was she being towed out of Houston? I heard an OSG vessel was being towed but I didn’t know which one it was.

I find it amazing that the SEA RAVEN (X SEA SKIMMER) is still out there at it. . . although I HAVE heard a rumor. The hull of the tug goes back to the 40s, and the pushing system is an early Bludworth Unit.

I believe that the OSG NAVIGATOR was retrofitted with the Intercon unit in the 90s. . . as well as the barge being double hulled then, too.

She had the InterCon installed in 92 give or take. The Barge was Double Hulled at Tampa Ship in the Late 90’s - Early 2000’s.

Those Barges are or at least were in very good shape but all the Oil Majors care about is the build date. It’s funny how they won’t touch an older Barge until they have to then it’s fine.

I would not be surprised to see the entire OSG (Old Maritrans) ATB’s disappear in the next year or so.

This was posted on FB and someone responded that it was true that she had lost a rudder and was heading to the scrap yard. This comment was quickly deleted most likely because he works there and didn’t want to get jammed up for posting the truth.

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Yeah, I don’t make work related posts for that very reason. I remember these old Maritrans/Sonat units from back in the day. I also know that the old barge PLAQUEMINE (whatever they are calling it these days) while built as a double hull barge - way ahead of its time, as is the idea of an articulated connection, certainly had some issues with the ballast tanks when I sailed on her, and after.

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She had a problem with one of her rudders. Not being laid up.

I guess time will tell.

Ok, well, not being laid up now at least.

Like the Honour, she has a CRAZY tube like tunnel elevator to get to the upper wheelhouse. It is a leap of faith every time you get in it.

You should try riding in one of them when pushing in 30+ seas. Bronc Riders have nothing on that feeling. LOL

One of the Boats had a 2nd mate that was well over 350 pounds. When he first come onboard, the upper limit switches had to be moved to stop the car earlier in the Upper WH. The first time he rode up on it it stopped as was normal but when he stepped off it moved another couple of inches causing the lift cable to tube lock on the upper sheave.

Got the video of 30ft plus seas???

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Sorry, that was way before the day of cell phone cameras.

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Rumor has it she is being scrapped.

As I said, it’s a shame to see what used to be great boats going to scrap.

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