AMO Jobs

Just curious if AMO offers any shorter rotation jobs, 45 days or less and the availability of said jobs if they exist?

The shorter rotations for the most part will be ATB’s, and tug jobs. Tote may offer shorter crew changes for ships due to the Puerto Rico run. Not sure what’s available on either… Call the hall or go to their website. , they might give you some updated info.

Their website claims they have an inland division. Is that for the OSG tug/atb fleet, or what’s left of it?
I’ve heard that seabulk towing was AMO.

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Isn’t that the Great Lakes fleet?

Yes Ctony, whats left of OSG. . Seabulk I believe runs a few assist tug operations in different ports.

Not sure…i do recall seeing they accept lower level licensed applicants i.e. dde 4000, 500 grt master/mate

AMO’s contract with OSG is for wheel house and engine. They were/are under the Deep Sea contract. Pension wise a bit better than Inland division. 2 nice newbuild atb’s, (about 190k barrels) plus the 2 or so larger units that lighter on Delaware Bay. Far cry from the equipment they used to have, but good jobs if you can get one.

I believe that OSG has tied up one of the Delaware River Lightering rigs and laid the crew off. A crew member posted on FB a couple of weeks ago.

One of those rigs hasn’t been working in the Delaware for at least a year - not sure if it’s that one you’re referring to, but I would guess so.

That’s a shame.

Got a phone call from an old pal regarding my bets on the Super Bowl this evening… Asked him about the OSG situation. Horizon is working Delaware bay. . Other lightering vessel was laid up in December. Getting ready to break out in the near future, perhaps very soon. Incorrect that it was layed up for a year. The new 190’s are doing fine.

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Good to hear they might break her out. IIRC, one of them was working in the Gulf for a while so maybe that’s where the year came from.