OS in the Great Lakes Union?

Hi all!

First post here and hopefully I am correct and this hasn’t been asked before. I am in the process to getting all the paper work and credentials in order to get my OS card and I am wondering if it is advised (or even possible) to join the Union, SIU i should specify, as a OS with zero time? Futher more, would help me land a gig or have any pros to it being so low on the totem pole? I’ve been around Union trades all my life so it just seems natural to try and get in a Union. I live in Michigan so I am hoping to find something on the Great Lakes to get a feel for it all. I know theres close to literally a million posts from greenhorns asking for advice, so if this is a redundant question I apologize. That being said what are your thoughts on this and what would be your plan of attack being in my present situation? Thanks for your time and best regards.

bump…Anything? I’m looking for any Great LAkes union information I can get!

Ok let me rephase the question, would it be worth looking into the SIU union as a OS or should I apply directly to a company to land a job?