Ordinary Seaman wanting advice on becoming a offshore tankerman

My name is Avery,i’am new to the site,and Im sorry if i posted in the worng place…I’ve worked offshore as a O/S on offshore supply vessels,for 3 or 4 yrs…I stoped working in 1999.So now i want to go back to work offshore…Can anybody tell me which route should i take to become a offshore tankerman…Thank’s

Welcome to the forum, Avery. Did you keep your credentials current? Have you got a TWIC card? Before anyone can give you advise we need to know this. Also check out the USCG website. good luck.

try calling a company out of the gulf first, Higman marine or kirby, some place like that. the pay sucks but general they have pretty good training programs and you will have your ticket in about a year. after that go online and find the phone numbers and or email address of companies and start blanketing them. good luck

Yeah i have my mmc and my twic.

Right on thanks alot…