I just recieved my MMC and TWIC card, im trying to put it to use and pursue the career as an O/S and rank up. I have no experience in this field but is eager to learn. Im currently looking for employement but is having difficulty on finding it and doing so. I’m very lost and need guidance from you experts so please help me.

Tough time to go job searching. But i did get on after many months and many dollars spent knocking on doors and shaking hands with personnel managers. I have xp so that helped my case. But the person wo hired me said she did because the squaky (squeeky) wheel gets the grease! Try and make contact with each personel manager you see and learn from each one something about the company and them. Then just keep coming back until you get in. No stopping just keep trying.

studbuzzar is right, tough time right now. with no experience your best bet is probably a gulf/push boat out fit, some place like kirby or higman, pay your dues take the shitty pay then keep looking. fill out every application you can find, email every company and call every month to “check in”, they will either get so tired of you calling they will hire you or ignore you. good luck brother.

dont have a number for higman but kirby is 1-888-988-6926

Hey thanks guys for the advice i guess persistancy is the key to all this. what would you guys say on just going to the SIU halls everyday would they place me on good jobs? And I’ll try out kirby. Which part of the U.S they are located.

kirby is in the gulf area. when my buddy was just trying to break in he went there, good training got his tankerman in about a year then bailed out to a better pay job. i dont know what area you are in but from what i have heard, and i could be wrong, you have to go into the hall once a week or so to keep your name on the list, but again i dont know for sure, hopefully someone reading this could help you out with that info. but i know higman is hiring entry level at the moment, a buddy still works there. the key is just persistence and patience. good luck brother

When I was trying to get a job Kirby told me they had 1200 people in their database looking for work. Good luck.

[U][I][B] the key is just persistence and patience.[/B][/I][/U]

This is one of the key to success, do not get discouraged, it will work out

Thanks guy ill try out for higman im just looking for anywhere to start a career in this field basically, not being picky just want to start from the bottom to the top.