Looking to work

I have asked for advice on here once before. I am 47 and ready for work on the open ocean. The advice i got was to go down to Louisiana and look for jobs. I wanted to go down the MItags our SIU route but being so old I’m not so sure. I am leaving behind 23 years in law enforcement. I was told to sign as an OS. I live in the Atlanta Ga area and have an appointment Monday for my TWIC card. I know i need a MMC as well. Says will take 90 days for MMC. My goal ultimately would be to work on the bridge. What advice can any of you all give me. Thanks so much in advance for any meaningful responses!

You can try for a company which also has vessels under 100GRT such as crew boats or mini supply boats or even inland tows. You do not need an MMC in many cases, only a TWIC, once you get that MMC then request to move up to larger vessels to gain tonnage.