Oil rig work Gulf of Mexico

Hello, I am looking to start a 2nd career working offshore on an oil rig in food service. Working in restaurants is my background and I would love to work offshore. I’m interested if anyone here knows what certifications I need to obtain to be able to work offshore. Do I need to obtain these now before applying for a job? Will a potential employer pay or reimburse me for the cost of any courses? Any idea of a good company to apply with? Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Galley personnel are usually in high demand from what I’ve seen that Want to be there.

Try Soneco in Houma, La. I usually see them advertising for needing people.

The drill ship I worked on was crewed with Filipinos in the galley. I believe you’d need to look into OSVs or deep sea (SIU) for steward department jobs.