OICNW Assessments

Do said assessments need to be completed on a vessel above a certain tonnage?

Can the assessments for mate 1600 be done on an 178 grt tug?

I think it has to be over 100 GT. Im starting in mine next hitch.

Read the instructions in front of the packet. If you don’t have that download policy letter 11-07 fron the nmc. I don’t have it with me but I think the tonnage does not matter but the officer signing it must have the endorsement. Also I think some of them be completed in a simulator or at least that is my take on it since I too work on tugs.

I have read the policy letter and you are correct it does not state a tonnage limitation. Ship underway at sea is the only specification I have found. I was anticipating some stories of NMC denials, the fact that there have been no such comments is a positive thing for me.