Offshore wind news

Rem Offshore have ordered up to four CSOVs, but it doesn’t say who the charterer will be or what windfarm they will be for. Maybe they have no potential charter yet and they are hoping that the fact they are already building the will help them win a contract.

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Photo : David Meek (c)

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PS> Maybe some of the surplus Semisub drilling rigs could find a new market? :innocent:

DNV updates standard for floating wind turbine structures to allow for cost reduction and optimization:

OHT is to combine with Subsea 7’s renewables business to former Subsea 7 ASA from 1 October, subject to final approvals.

More consolidation and JVs in the offshore Wind industry:

One more argument against offshore wind disappear (??):

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No subsidies require:

Spreading their wings (or blades) to new markets:

Fishing interests worldwide complain that wind turbines, whether fixed or floating, take too much sea acreage and hinder effective fishing operations.

Now there is a company that is introducing a new type of floating wind mills that can produce more power while occupying less area:

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The last of 90 turbines has been installed at the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm located off the coast of Lincolnshire: UK:

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