Offshore wind news

its a good thing the offshore ones use different technology…lol

While the disaster movies play above, here is some news about Offshore Wind around the world that is not a disaster.
First from Taiwan:

Then from Japan:

Sure there are engineering cockups but the issue us naysayers are showing is its fraud to say wind is a solution as a renewable.
Some companies making money from the subsidized installs but the tax payer and power consumer paying dearly as the result doesn’t equal the sales brochure.

Who will be paying to remove all these offshore installs as for sure the fly by night operators will be long gone as the feed in subsidies dry up?

The companies building the onshore gas turbines to back up the wind will be doing well as they have a very long term lifespan regardless if the wind exists or not

Like oil installations offshore the owner is responsible for removal. (And cleanup of the seabed, if required)

Can you name the “fly by night” operators you’ are thinking about?
Shell, BP, Total, Equinor and Ørsted isn’t exactly some “fly by night” operators
But I presume you have some inside information from your buddy network??

Shell, BP, Total dont exist in the UK sector for example
and none of them exist in German offshore didnt need intelligent friends just wikipedia, seems you have neither?

Just think for every windmill there is another gas turbine installed for back up when both could be done way with a nuclear plant which has zero carbon output over a very long life

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Fred Olsen is getting serious about offshore wind:

Not for offshore use, but I think it may be of interest anyway:

Scotland recently did a big 10 GW offshore wind leasing round.

Subsea hammering is noisy business:

Uptime International to supply W2W gangways to 3 new SOV:

Uptime has been upstaged a bit in the Offshore wind market lately, but they were the first to develop W2W gangways for use on Floatels etc. (1979):

One of the first rental W2W telescopic gangways was installed of McDermott’s Lay Barge 200 when operating as Floatel for the commissioning of Statfjord B Platform in 1981:

Moved off 1000 ft. in bad weather:

Hurricane force wind, Nov. 1981:

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More Offshore Oil & Gas players are getting involved in renewable energy worldwide:

Kristian Siem is keeping it in the family:

What if it shows up that catches increase after some years??

Marine life need protected areas where they can spawn, grow up and multiply.
Studies carried out in Denmark shows no negative effect on commercial species of fish and fisheries around the oldest OWF in the North Sea ( Horns Rev 1):

PS> Scallops can swim and lobster can walk, thus migrate from the protected area when grown.

It COULD, if it wasn’t for all the other floating wind projects in the world that is further advanced and likely to meet less NIMBY protests.

Predictions about the future of Offshore Wind Energy support vessels

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Floating wind farms are coming to a coast near you:

USWC is seen as prime area for Floating Wind Farms, due both to the wind resources and the closeness to major concentration of potential consumers of “green energy”.

Enti has bought Seajacks.

It seems like lots of people are desperate to get into the offshore wind market.