Offshore wind news

Not only container ship congestion, now also Offshore wind farm congestion:

The Swedish subsidiary of US survey company Ocean Infinity will carry out survey work for a future Wind farm belonging to Equinor and BP offshore New York:

They will use a foreign flag vessel to conduct this combination of geophysical, geotechnical, environmental and benthic surveys along the export route of Beacon Wind sites one and two.

Not only involving Offshore Wind industry, but Ocean Infinity has interests in this industry as well. (as seen above):

“Everything is bigger in…”

Cracks detected at Merkur Offshore wind farm in the German Bight:

Mobile Offshore wind turbines for rent:

This investment in wind, that will have a high maintenance cost must have surpassed a few Nuclear plants by now, certainly the carbon footprint of building them when they have no chance of surviving as long as a nuclear plant.

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that was interesting, without subsidy they cant compete yet the customer already paying 30% more for power.
If onshore cant compete , offshore got no chance.

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Aegir Wields World’s Largest Hammers Offshore Taiwan:

New hub launched to support New York offshore wind supply chain

And more countries are realizing that Offshore wind is the future:

where does the wind blow in asia?
I am thinking of all the good places to go sailing with wind that isnt 100% seasonal

if its so cheap to install and operate renewables can you explain the huge increase in power cost consumers are paying to use this renewable power?
Most of which goes in with subsidy.

The report is fake news as the results to the consumer proves otherwise.
Here is the story from Germany

The deception in that report is so obvious, I’m surprised an engineer can’t see it. I can.

Just one example for you.

“In Germany, no existing coal plant has lower operating costs than new solar PV or onshore wind capacity, the report suggests.”

Ask yourself what is being compared to what. Existing coal plant operating costs versus new solar or onshore wind capacity. What does “capacity” mean? The report blithely trots out GW capacity from weather-dependent power (let’s stop calling them renewables) as if you get that capacity on tap all the time and can compare it to coal-fired power capacity. The coal plant isn’t weather dependent and can punch out a high percentage of its capacity continuously. The silly forms of energy can’t.

Someone somewhere still has to find 100% of demand when the weather stops providing it … or just hold everything until the weather improves. Who only wants electricity when the weather suits? C’mon, who?

Why don’t the eco-zealots talk in terms of GWH ie a measure of power over time? Because then the figures don’t look so rosy. Why don’t they guarantee their output? Because they can’t.

The golden rule: the greater the penetration of weather-dependent power, the higher the price to the customers.

Asia is a BIIIG continent, There a bound to be somewhere on the Asia continent that would suite you. Siberia perhaps??

If you meant S.E.Asia only, with two monsoon seasons and the trade winds, you just have to choose your location by the season.
For recreational sailing that should not be too difficult, South China Sea in the NW Monsoon, Indian ocean in the SW Monsoon and the Pacific for the trade winds.

BTW; Wind turbines don’t need a Typhon to produce power. a gentle breeze will do.
(In fact, typhoons are better avoided, both by recreational sailboats and wind turbines)

I don’t know which engineer you are talking about. Most engineers know that coal is out and wind is in.

In fact most people know that, with a few exceptions.

Wanna bet?

except last winter in Germany and the Scotland when they need the Coal power stations running at 100% so I guess they are being converted to LNG?
Wind and solar is temp power, wheres the backup?
In the USA they have added a huge amount of gas turbines to both replace coal and support renewables

Felling of 90 Mitsubishi 1000A Wind Turbines
I bet the bill will be huge to do this offshore…