Offshore wind news

And the moral of the story; “Do what I say, not what I do”.
Why do you waste money on “Saving the Planet”, when you preach the virtue of fossil fuel??

I presume you mean “Saving the planet” not the plant. Anyway, I’m not saving the planet. I can’t. I won’t … no matter what I do.

I spend my money on solar panels because the subsidies make it in my personal financial interest. I get free stuff. But overall the policy is a stinker. As I said, overall, power prices are higher as a result of increased penetration of renewables into a formerly cheap, stable and reliable (fossil fueled) supply system which fed our industry and gave us market advantages in key industries … just a few of the virtues of fossil fuels. My solar panels don’t change any of that but they contribute to a national decline. I’m sorry for that but I’m not taking the rap for the whole issue. Much larger elephants are fighting and I’m just an ant to them.

You could say that. At least I sail a sailing ship, something you seem to idolise as the way of the future. Try it and see how long the economics work for you.

I don’t think anybody look at your type of sail ships as the future for shipping.
There MAY be a market for a few sail driven ships carrying cargo in special trades, but otherwise wind power is seen as a way to reduce fuel consumption.

There appears to be some idiots that believe this is possible and economical:
Yara Marine to market BAR Tech wind power for ships - Splash247
They don’t care much about your point of view, though.

The North Sea Energy Island, pipe dream or sound plan??:

More specialized equipment for use both in the offshore wind and oil & gas industries:

Big oil is getting further into the Offshore Wind Industry:

Not only Big Oil but Big Offshore Construction is getting into the act.
Floating wind turbines are coming of age:

The Governor of Maine has introduced legislation to put a 10 year moratorium on offshore wind development in state waters. There is an exception for one small floating “research array” off Monhegan Island.

I see this as a good thing. It will give the offshore wind industry time to build and learn how to operate US flag vessels before developing Maine waters.

The German Bight on a calm day:

The Brits are pressing on:

Shipping giant BW is also pressing ahead into renewables:

Seismic company change to green energy sector:

Offshore wind power from Iceland to be exported to UK:

PS> Shortest distance between Iceland and UK (Scotland) is 820 km.

Offshore wind industry create opportunities not only offshore, but also onshore:

More companies move from offshore oil & gas to offshore wind activities:

I can hear it already; “what about when the wind doesn’t blow???”

Well, it is rear that the whole of UK land and waters areas are becalmed at the same time. If that should happen UK can import hydropower by cable from Norway, solar power from the European continent, or, in worst case, start up their nuclear power stations until the wind blows again.

PS> Actually the problem may be more; “what do you do when a wide spread winter storm force most wind turbines to shut down to protect them from over speeding???”
That may be a more likely scenario. The solution is the same, though.