Offshore Wind Farm vessels

Americans are now taking European jobs!

The first of 6 new CSOVs for Integrated Wind Solutions (IWS) was delivered from China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) in Jan. 2024:

The second one, “Windwalker”, was delivered 26.March 2024:

Now on her way to Europe.

Another new CSOV is rready for launching at VARD Vung Tau. This one for Norwind Offshore, Ålesund:

Source: Norwind Offshore, Bygg nr. 949/951/952 ved Vard Brattvaag og bygg nr. 950 Vard Vung Tau, VARD 4 19 "Norwind Gale/Storm/Hurricane/Helm" | Page 3 | Norsk Skipsfarts Forum

The NR PREDIATOR on her endurance trials off the Needles, IoW. Another incredible CTV design by WMD and build by Diverse Marine.
Photo courtesy of Diverse Marine.

Double launch, Sept. 2023. Photo via Ulstein

Now the first vessel has successfully completed its Offshore Equipment Acceptance Test (OEAT) at the ZPMC yard:


Video from the launch of Olympic Boreas:

The BOKALIFT 2 heading for the USA spotted outbound from Amsterdam navigating the Noordzeekanaal escorted by the Port Towage Amsterdam operated tugs SVITZER TEMPEST & TRITON
Photo: Jan Plug (c)

First vessel to successfully charge her batteries while connected directly to OWF grid at sea:

CSOV Rem Power: REM Offshore

Newbuilt JA compliant Cable layer on the way for the US OWF market:

Looks like this design:

The ROLLDOCK STORM enroute from Esbjerg to the USA
Photo: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

CSOV Windwalker has been named in Hanstholm, Denmark today:

Photo: IWS via NSF