Offshore Wind Farm vessels

The management and workers at Ulstein celebrating the the signing of the contract with Olympic:

Despite the fact that many had a holiday, more people showed up when Sunnmørsposten visited to take a picture of jubilation on Wednesday morning. In the foreground we see a carafe of elderberry juice on the table.
From left Trond Berg (CEO of Ulstein Power & Control), Vegard Moltu Nilsen (club leader in Fellesforbundet at Ulstein Verft), Ingvill Saunes (group lawyer in Ulstein Group ASA), Ann Katrin Barstad (design manager in Ulstein Design & Solutions) and Dagbjørn Myklebust (Head of Administration at Ulstein Elektro Installasjon).

From the signing ceremony:

CEO Stig Remøy (left) in Olympic Group and CEO Lars Olsen at Ulstein Verft.

PS> In the background a painting of the fishing vessel Eystein Orre with a good catch during winter herring fishery sometime in the 1950s:

Oil painting by Bjarte Ytterland: Bjarte Ytterland

FOB SWATH 8 up to speed at the head of the south pier at IJmuiden. Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP)
Photo: Machiel Kraaij ©

Any update on the OMSA lawsuit to get foreign flagged vessels out of US waters?

No don’t worry, she is bound for Scotland on a long term contract, so not coming to the US to take none-existing work away from none-existing US-flag SOVs on Offshore Wind Farms that may never exist.

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Østenshø’s newbuilding “Edda Goelo” launched last Friday:

Photo: via Siemens Gamesa

SOV Stril Server at Hywind Tampen floating wind farm:

Photo: © Oddgeir Refvik (NSF)

She got some bollard pull!

The BOKALIFT 1 installing jackets at FORMOSA 2 OWF off Taiwan
Photo: Alex du Bois ©

2 types of SOVs to Ulstein design under construction at ZMPC Shipyard in Shanghai.

SX 197 SOV with accommodations for 60 POB:

SX 195 CSOV with accommodations for 100 POB:

They are intended used in the Chinese Offshore Wind market:

They will be equipped with SMST W2W gangways for safe access to the wind turbines:

Ulstein Design & Solutions cover the full spectrum of vessels needed in the Offshore Wind Farm Industry:

Problems in Sri Lanka affects shipbuilding as well:

Offshore wind farm development give work for a lot of different kind of vessels:

First US-built SOV will have first W2W gangway produced by Ulmatec:

Looks like that gangway can be deployed on the port and starboard side which is a good thing. Having a gangway that can only be deployed on one side can limit the weather working limits of a SOV.

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It is not only purpose built vessels that find work in the Offshore Wind industry.
Pioneering Spirit has had several assignments before:

The PIONEERING SPIRIT seen here departed from Rotterdam Maasvlakte II heading for the Dolwin Windfarm off Germany.
The DOLWIN KAPPA jacket hanging on the jacket handling fram at the stern and the topsides on the “fingers” fwrd. ready to be installed on the jackets once piles have been driven, using the big crane to handle the hydraulic pile driver.
Photo: Gerrit Jan Postma (c)

PS> The Dolwin Kappa jacket and topsides were built at Dragados shipyard in Cádiz, Spain:

Multi purpose workboat “LIEUTENANT P” operating from the port Barrow in Furness (Scotland)
Photo: Capt Johan Trommel master Eastern Rock ©

Conversion is quicker and cheaper than newbuilding (??):