Norwegian mariner with US citizenship

Have recently received my motorman license after completing my two year apprenticeship as an engine trainee on an anchor handler in Norway. I was wondering if I am able to get my license endorsed by the USCG since I am also a holder of a US passport. I have all of my documentation in order and sea time listed in my mariner service book.

Ues, you can get a US license, but I have no idea what the process is, or what licensecyou may qualify for. You probably should hire a consultant to help you.

Google or search on gcaptain “uscg license consultant”

You can probably get the national license (endorsement) but not STCW as none of those schools or classes taken have USCG approval.

Yes, he’ll have to redo all the STCW classes.

Well… That’s unfortunat. Canadian trawler it is!

The United Sates does not currently endorse STCW certificates issued by other countries. (As used in STCW, an “endorsement” is a recognition of a certification issued by another country that will allow the mariner to work on a vessel registered in the country issuing the “Endorsement Attesting to Recognition of a Certificate of Competency.”)

You can, as a United States citizen, seek an original credential issued by the United States, provided you meet all requirements for an original credential, including service, training, and demonstrations of competence.


I wonder why this is still the case… Almost every STCW class that I have attended in the US has been a big joke, what about the proficiency in survival craft, for example, with assessments done on a ship launched in 1945, with lifeboats from the same era… instructors that strive to make everybody pass, even if the student has no clue what’s going on whatsoever… yet guys from Northern Europe or elsewhere, trained on state of the art equipment, with big licenses have to start all over.

Money grab.


Partly maybe, campaign contributions have to come from somewhere. More likely because job security for a bureaucrat is based on always saying no to anything that might cause him some heartburn down the line … except if there is a post retirement job attached.