USA & STCW endorsement for Double Citizenship

Hello Everyone ,

I have a particular story , I was born in the United States but raised in Brazil. I graduated in Nautical Sciences in the Brazilian Merchant Marine Academy 14 years ago and currently I hold a Master’s license and work in the offshore industry as Chief Mate & DPO / AHTS / PSV operations in Brazilian Waters;
I kindly would like to know if it’s possible to get an USA & STCW endorsement x validating since I have double citizenship;
If anyone could help I really appreciate !

No, but as a dual citizen you are eligible to apply for and test for a US license. You’d have to take the STCW classes at a US training center but I’m not sure how the assessments not a part of classes would be handled.

@jdcavo might know.

Thanks a lot !

All assessments have to be met, either in a course or “in-service” on a vessel. Note that for Chief Mate, the training and assessment for both Chief Mate/Master and OICNW must be met. Many of the OICNW assessments can be done in courses, but given the relatively few courses for Chief Mate/Master (as compared to OICNW), many will need to be done on a vessel.

Do they all have to be signed off by a US licensed person?

How about vice versa? Any dual US/Canadians get their Canadian STCW after getting a US license? I inquired years ago when I was a 2nd mate and was told come back when you’re a Master but I never did. Just curious how hard it would be to run a Canadian small passenger vessel in retirement if you have a US unlimited master’s.

I know Canadian, Brit, Kiwi, Irish, and Norwegian dual nationals licensed in the US and elsewhere.

I’m told that: it’s hard to get more than unlimited Chief Mate coming into the US, but US exams and courses are easier, and it’s easier to maintain and renew US licenses. I know a Canadian with unlimited Chief Mate, and years of US seatime that could not get a US Master over 1600, but he could get a Canadian Unlimited Master, if he put a lot of time and money into the school and exams.

Most dual nationals that I’ve met that have immigrated to the US and are sailing US are not willing to spend the time or money to renew their home country licenses.

There are quite a few Canadians with dual US citizenship, but not many Americans with dual Canadian citizenship.

I’ve met quite a few American mariners with dual Irish citizenship, but I’ve never met one who got an Irish license.