Dual citizen Canadian Licensing

I am a dual Canadian/American citizen and have been doing some research into acquiring a Canadian Deck Officers License. I currently possess a USCG 2nd Mate AGT. Does anyone here have any experience with the Canadian Licensing process? In particular, getting credit for a USCG license toward a Canadian License.


Alright I am going to be a dual citizen as well in the coming months, I went to transport Canada in Halifax, basically what they told me is the only thing they can convert to Canadian credentials are my STCW’s but what the agent told me is that if I got my OICNW which I don’t know if you have or not… That is the same as their “watchkeepers mate” ticket or in American terms first thru third mate unlimited all combined into one ticket. The canadian credentialing system is still like the old American system so it’s all about which transport Canada office you work with, I would highly recommend the Halifax office they were very helpful with me… Good Luck!

OICNW is equivalent to 2nd and 3rd mate. Chief mate is above OICNW and there is no such thing as a 1st mate.