Canadian License credit for current USCG License

I am a dual Canadian/American citizen. I currently possess a 2nd Mat AGT USCG License. I am currently researching the Canadian Mariner licensing process, and was curious if anyone on here has had and experience with the process in general, and more specifically, if anyone has attempted to acquire a Canadian license after already having a USCG license.

Is there something wrong with the first response?

Most folks don’t have to start another thread to ask the same question.

I received an error when I attempted to post the fist time from my phone. When I checked the forum, it was not visible, so this is my second attempt. As a result, I have not seen the first response, and cannot therefore answer the question as to whether there was anything wrong with it. I hope there was not, and that whomever posted it will do me the favor of re-posting their reply.