MCA unlimited to USCG unlimited

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I saw a similar post on this however the information was from 2013 so I’m hoping you can help with fresh information.

I am soon to be a U.S citizen through marrying an American woman. I currently hold an MCA OOW unlimited license and am finding it extremely difficult to find a U.S company that will accept it. Even for positions far lower than my current.

Therefore I am trying to find out information if it is at all possible to gain the USCG equivalent without having to essentially become a cadet again and take the exams and orals. I understand that my sea time would could but this is not an option for me.

Failure to gain the USCG equivalent, could anyone offer other alternatives such as gaining the USCG Chief Mates 3000?

All your help is greatly appreciated! I’m stuck!

After citizenship, your sea time and license will allow you to sit for a equivalent USCG license but your will have to take all the exams and all STCW certifications.

Any USCG license you qualify for, regardless of tonnage, will require you to take the full exams for that license.

Hello Thanks for the Support.
In this case, after getting my green card, Am I allowed to sit for the USCG exams? Or do I need to wait till I attain my citizenship. I already have an Indian OOW COC. Which are the USCG courses I have to undergo for getting an OOW license under USCG standards. Also how much would be the total expenses including the classes and Exams.? Can someone kindly help me out with this information ?

Anything above an OUPV (six-pack) requires citizenship.

Thanks for your kind repky.
Any idea about the classes & exams I have to take? Also the duration and expense for the same. Do I have to start my training from cadetship all over again?

The online Coast Guard NMC site has checklists. In your case, you should probably talk to a license consultant so you don’t waste time and money. Some have been recommended on this forum. Let your fingers do the walking…


I fixed it for you.

Any idea how much is the wages for an American dynamic positioning operator in US flag offshore vessels?

Wayyy more than you were making back in India.


Will all my seatime as Indian 2nd officer be counted towards the certification of USCG unlimited? Do I have to complete the deck cadet onboard training programme again ?

If it’s properly documented it should.

No but you’re going to have to take so the STCW classes in the US.

Do I have to take all the stcw courses which I have already taken in India?
Will there be any return examinations or it’s just the assessment and certification ?

I am already a DPO in India & wages are 250USD per day. Are the pay rolls better for an American dynamic Positioning officer serving in US flag vessels?
Any information regarding their wages as a 2nd mate dynamic Positioning officer?

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May I have your e- mail I’d or any contact details?
This is with respect to your concern which I am also going through.

You have to take so the STCW courses required in the CFR.

Yes, you have to take all the exams as well.

Yes but you have to get a job as one, there are a lot of unemployed DPOs so that’s not likely.

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Sir, you being the appropriate person to answer this question, let me ask you
Do you think there will be any advantage or a better growth in my career by transferring (after completing all the required exams and trainings) my Indian OOW license to USCG OOW credentials after acquiring my Citizenship ? My goal is to work as a dynamic Positioning operator in US flag Offshore vessels. I am already holding a dynamic Positioning unlimited certificate.
Kindly give me your valuable reply on this.

How long until that’s done? 5-10 years?

Yes captain, I presume in 5 years maximum. By then I can clear my masters from India or UK.

Hello Captain,
Any suggestions from your side for my request above? Do you think all the struggle is going to worth it on a long run. Is the offshore market going to be better being an American dynamic positioning officer?