Northeast Maritime Wages

I am wondering if anyone has any wage comparisons on the northeast maritime companies. Any thoughts on the daily wage, insurance payments/plans, travel expenses, and bonuses at any of the following companies? Ksea, Vane Brothers, Reinhauer, Moran, Seaboats, Hornbeck Poland Cutler. I have heard that Bouchard is a difficult company to work for, but any other information on these companies would be really appreciated. I have a few opportunities as a captain with these companies but want to get the feeling of the company from the people who work there. I want to move my family up to this area but need to know what I am getting into!
Thanks – Chris Blaine

I don’t know much about the wages but that last company is actually Poling & Cutler. I did a relief trip with them on the Kimberly Poling. Good people. The pay was decent. I remember it being just over 250 for AB, Xmas before last.

They had two tankers, two barges, and a tug. They were about to get a tug or two from the shipyard, scrapped the Coral Queen and sold the John B. Cadell to Nigeria. So their fleet today would be two or three tugs and barges to match.


I remember that trip well! The barge was taking in water in the forepeak and loaded. There was less the a foot of freeboard from IMTT (I think) all the way to Rensselaer. What fun!

Can you find the side lights in the second picture? :slight_smile:

That was a COLD winter! Snowmageddon, The Flurricane, etc.

KSEA, Reinauer and Moran are 333. When I left in April of last year as Mate in the high, middle of the seniority list I was making $505.00 pushing fuel aboard TAURUS. KSEA is in the middle of a contract negotiation with their NEW owners, Kirby. They are looking to drastically cut manning and go from 7 to 5 aboard the bigger ATBs (I believe) . Can’t speak for Moran or Reinauer but Moran WAS the only company I am aware of that DIDN’T lay anyone off when things started to slide. KSEA and Reinauer did. Insurance is now upwards of $300.00/month so I am told by those I am still in contact with. Vane Bros is NON-UNION and their pay and benefits reflect that. Have heard noting bad about Hornbeck, C&P (got a new tug in the harbor though) or Seaboats

The wages are usually higher than anywhere else in NY harbor. And all the companies will offer travel pay some will give you a per day travel allowance. For example they could give you $45 for every day you work towards your travel. Other ones like Hornbeck will pay full travel. Hornbeck has no ATBs so all you would do is wire work. Vane brothers is a good company but last I heard they work 14/14 witch can get expensive with the travel. Reinhauer in my opinion has the best equipment but they make the Mates tanker and/or take care of the Barge ballast. Bouchard is consider by most as “Blood Money” but if you want to make BIG money that’s were you want to be, they have a lot of BS but they pay you good to put up with it. The biggest complain I heard from guys at Bouchard is that they suck at getting you a relief.

Good luck! Enjoy the cold winters and the loud radios!! I don’t miss them!!

That’s not really all that true about Bouchard. Yes there is alot of bs here that is true but every company has that. As far as the money goes yeah we are making good money but as far as ur relief goes the office doesnt get involved with crew change unless ur actual relief leaves or what not. It u and ur relief taking care of ur crew change. Travel money is 45$ a day for every day that ur the boat. Stay under the radar. Do your job and stay safe and you’ll be fine. There are two new boats and another barge being built. Not exactly sure when they will be out tho. Sorry this post is all over the place and prob doesn’t make any sense. It’s been a long watch so far lol. Goodluck

[QUOTE=ChrisCB;]54150 Ksea, Vane Brothers, Reinhauer, Moran, Seaboats, Hornbeck, Poling Cutler…

I have a few opportunities as a captain with these companies but want to get the feeling of the company from the people who work there…

I want to move my family up to this area but need to know what I am getting into!

NONE of these companies hire Captains off the street. You have to sail mate (for however long it takes) and prove yourself in the northeast first to get a Captains slot.

Why move the family up here? stay where you are, and fly/drive home. It cost way more to live here (than almost anywhere else!)

You DON"T have to live here to work here. I am guessing that you have no NY harbor experience.

To share some advice an old-timer gave me when I came to NY: “You will know in two weeks whether you can handle NY harbor.” I thought he was daffy. But hind sight has shown me it is NOT for everyone. Someone can be an excellent boatman in another harbor and NY harbor will eat them up!

Without a doubt you’ll be working as a mate and getting in line. It’s the general progression, you’re promoted from within. I agree that you can live anywhere, don’t move to the tri-state area if you’re looking to save money, you pay out far less in travel than you’ll have to lay out for living expenses. The COL is ridiculous and driving folks out. Any benefit of a higher wage would be consumed by the higher COL.
Hopefully you have experience in NY or you’ll be hard pressed to get a Mate’s job right away, you may find yourself riding for [I]recency[/I] as an AB for a spell. Nobody gets hired for a steering job without the necessary local knowledge and experience, not with the big companies anyway.
BTW, it’s Reinauer, no “h”.

From what I’ve gathered is bouchard use to pay the most but.they haven’t given a raise in years. they pay 243 plus 45 travel. I was told ABs make over 350 a day at Penn plus travel

Quick ?? How hard it is to find a job… I have no experience an going in as entry-level

Wait in line