Reinauer and Moran towing

I am hoping to make the switch from OSV’s to NY/east coast tugs. I have not been furloughed or laid off but the job insecurity in the air is starting to get to me. I would like to go to one of the more respected tug boat companies, and from what I am reading that means Moran and Reinauer, among others. I have been doing a lot of forum searches as well as on the web in general, but am having trouble finding much on info Reinauer. I have found a decent amount on Moran, but would also like to hear if anybody has any more recent information. The main things I am looking for is a safe work environment, positive work environment, and respect for mariners from the management. Money is important, but not everything. That’s why Bouchard is not on the list. Anybody have any feedback? These forums are great, in the two years I have been lurking here this is the first time I’ve had to post, from all the information that’s already here! Thanks in advance.

What position are you looking for? The better companies have a lower turnover and are harder to get into.

Don’t go near Moran unless you want a good screwing. Peter Keyes (VP Operations) is out to squish you like a bug. He gets his rocks off by screwing everyone he can. You won’t move up for years, if you ask for anything, you’ll be sure not to get that once he knows you want it. Go with Reinauer and you might be treated with a little decency and respect.