No ROTR Test if in the last year?

I am referencing a topic from 2014

What he said was since he was tested for 100T master and 200T mate at a school when he went to ask to test for 500T mate he did not have to take a rules test because he took a rules test with in a year?

181 Deck Gen 70%
183 Deck Safety 70%
185 Nav Problems (terrestrial) 90%
180 Nav Gen 70%
184 Plotting 87%

Is there a CFR that states that if a rules test was taken in the last year i won’t have to study for another rules test on my 500T mate request?

If So is it from the date the class is done or lets say i wait till i have about 90 days left of the year then put in my request to test in buying me even more time to study.

just wondering because i have a 100T and 200T mate class coming up in a few weeks and would really like not having to study for rules again

No, there isn’t You have to take all of the modules in the NMC exam guide and on you approval to test letter, no matter when you last took a Rules test.

Also, if you are taking a course, the school has no discretion to waive any part of their exam, for any reason. All students must take the full exam the school was approved for.

This misconception is likely derived from the practice at some RECs, most notably New Orleans, where, on their own initiative they made everyone take a rules test for any transaction if you had not tested in the past year, even if what you were applying for didn’t require a rules test ( e.g. radar observer or tankerman).

Your own words

If it was less than a year ago, you are probably being credited with having met the rules module when you last upgraded, there is only one rules module for int’l and inland and only one for inland only. The one year is from how long you have to finish testing for an approved application.

I was hoping I too would be credited as I am doing the exact same thing the op did in that topic

How about spome context for “my own words”? It sounds like I was explaining how something might have been done, not how it should have been done.

And as I noted, it doesn’t apply to taking approved courses instead of the Coast Guard exam.

That’s fair. I can hope to get Someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing so that I get a pass but I should not count on it