Rules of the road-For oceans endorsement

I am in the process of renewing my 1600 ton masters license, while at the same time adding an oceans endorsement. It’s been more than a year since my last renewal so I know that I will have to go in and test for rules of the road. My question being: Would it be the full 50 question ROTR test, or more like a condensed version (10 or 20) test. Anybody?

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did you take a course, or are you going to take the exam at the REC? If course, have you asked the school? they are usually up to speed on whether their certificates are “all” you need. I know when I did it, I didnt need any more than the certificates, and submitted it all and 5 weeks later done

I took the approved course at Fletcher in Houma, La. I did in fact ask the instructor & all he could tell me is that since it had been more than a year since my last renewal, I will definitely have to test ROTR @ the REC. he could not tell me if it was the full blown 50 question or a shorter version. I have heard both sides from different people. Possibly it may depend on which REC. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

if you took the class at Fletcher thats all you need but if the cert is over a year old its no good.

If you have to test for oceans, you will have to take the the 20 question Navigation General exam (70% score) at the REC, along with the 15 question Celestial (80% score).

But, if you had submitted your certificate from Fletcher when you took the course, then all you would have to do is shown below. Since your certificate is over a year old, (without submitting it) you will either have to take the course again or test at the REC.

Endorsement - MASTER Tonnage Group- NMT 500/1600 GROSS REGISTERED TONS Route- OCEANS or NEAR COASTAL Action- RENEWAL

Rules of the Road International and Inland

Refresher Exercise
30 Questions


So anyway, I just received my credentials in the mail, with oceans, gmdss, & arpa endorsements. As it turns out, I was not asked to go to the REC to test for ROTR. As far as what I can tell, the rule states that you must test ROTR if it has been longer than a year since renewing. Well I was renewing at the same time as asking for the oceans endorsement, & thats why I was covered… At least I think :smiley:

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Well, sounds like it worked out just as ‘planned’. Good deal. No testing.